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Dream story of perpetual life

Posted in Dream by Will on Sunday, July 6th, 2008 ~ 12pm

Skip this, just a dream.

Emotional dream last night. I was cast 10,000 years into the future, and everyone I knew was dead. Or nearly everyone. You see, the technology to live forever had been developed, apparently within my lifetime (but I’d missed it since I’d been sent forward 10,000 years). But not everyone had chosen to use it; many chose to live out their natural lifespan. So I was desperate to know if any of my friends had chosen to continue living. I was being assisted, barely, by the rather smug assortment of people who had chosen to live a long, long time. And the population of the Earth had fallen to next-to-nothing, comparatively.

Had my friend from CO, K, chosen to live forever? It did not appear so. I searched for various combinations of her name and places she’d lived on an interface, but I couldn’t find her and I felt instinctively that she would have chosen to live out her natural life and no more. So I was very sad. The same results for a few others. Then I had the idea to maybe look for children they may have had, in the hope that some of their qualities may have been passed on to their kids, and their kids may have chosen to live on, and so I’d be able to find these adults and find perhaps some of the qualities that I admired and loved, in them.

Notable differences in culture included the fact that “1968” or other “19” years were referred to verbally by their roman numerals not by numbers. People’s cell phones were in their heads. And pretty much everyone was a slacker, lounging around in bars/crash-pads. Everyone appeared to have picked an age range from their teens to their thirties to stop aging. Some dressed up in suits of course to try to appear more adult like, but many were content to remain perpetual teens. (Nice). Also, I had difficulty seeing, but in dim light my full eyesight worked. I also needed to be innoculated against several thousand years worth of viruses, etc. Also, and DVDs from present day had pretty much curled up around the edges into useless ashtray shapes.

Oh, also, everyone loved a tv show called “Dave”. People were offended if I said I hadn’t heard of it. So I developed a way around that: when they were offended, I would say “The reason I said I hadn’t heard of it was so you would explain it to me, because I love it so much there’s nothing I love more than to hear about it!”. That seemed to work.

I wasn’t ready to start my life again, not yet. I ended up fording a reed-filled river, finding a group of people living in ramshackle buildings (formerly city neighborhoods, now overgrown with foliage) who weren’t part of the society on the other side of the river. But I didn’t know what their distinction was. Other than that they weren’t in the records.

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