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Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, July 19th, 2008 ~ 1pm

Skip this, just a dream entry:

Another dream of the distant future. It was 10900, and through some kind of cloning process, people from the past were able to be reborn and live again. The process was a bit disgusting — I emerged from an artificial sack fully grown, with orange goo all over me, and with protective pads over my toenail area and probably other parts but I didn’t really notice. My consciousness was the same as today, I still identified myself as someone born in 1968, lived through the 1980s, etc. My nose was no longer angled from a break, since it was a new body. Aside from being somewhat disgusted and surprised, I took the situation more or less in stride. They set me free to wander.

10900 was a lot like present day. I tried to glean as much history as I could from posters and other media sources that were plastered everywhere. The Second Coming had apparently occurred back in 10600 or so, but it must have been a bit of a let-down as there didn’t seem to have been any lasting effect from it and people didn’t talk about it. I was very excited to see that Liz Phair had been reborn and was still making albums. I tracked her down to a cafe and told her I was a fan from the 80s and she was excited to have that connection, of someone else from that time. We chatted a bit and I’d have liked to have given her my cell phone number, but, I realized I did not have a cell phone, or really anything from my current life. It was still my first day.

I found that my friend K from CO had also been reborn, apparently some years before me, as she was already getting weary of it and was not planning to live more than another year. She tried teaching me some advanced flying/hovering techniques (in this time, I could fly and hover just like I can in dreams) since I was still being weighed down by gravity, and she was explaining to me that I did not need to be, that it was in fact just a legacy of the memory of gravity causing expectations that made me tend to go down if I, say, picked up a heavy object. Also nearby was Isaac Asimov, who was now Dr. Asimov. And there were still jerks around — a couple goons tried to talk me up as a prelude to mugging me. The clone people (the ones who made the clones such as myself) had provided me with a double barreled machine gun for such situations, so I shot them both as they spoke to me. It wasn’t fatal, and I heard them grousing in the background as I walked away about how rude I was. But I was sure they were going to mug me. I raised some cloth around my head anyway just because I felt conspicuous. I don’t think there were any cars, everyone walked. I also went through a mall area where a very large screen, very high resolution screen was showing a preview for Hellboy 26. I was particularly interested in seeing if Ron Perlman was still doing the voice of Hellboy but I couldn’t tell. Movie theaters still existed, too.

So did my parents’ house, and so did my parents. The house had been painted a different color, a small addition built onto the left side, and the backyard now had two levels with a stream in between, but it was largely the same.

This was not a lucid dream; although I was me, I was just following along with the story as it unfolded, not taking too active a part in what my avatar did. It was not, in other words, a life-like dream.

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