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Introductory kisses

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, May 18th, 2005 ~ 10pm

I just had an introductory first kiss the likes of which I can only compare to the best of the 1980s “teen without a clue” comedies. Anthony Edwards’ (TV’s “ER”) tongue-tripped propositioning of babester Linda Fiorentino in the 1985 film “Gotcha!” had nothing on me tonight. I paused, I rambled, I was unsure of myself (or more strictly speaking, I was unsure if we were on a date, which I hope more than one or two people reading this can relate to — sometimes you don’t know).

Anyway, awkwardness didn’t even matter. Turned out to be one of the sweetest moments I can recall. Perhaps equally sweet as it was originally awkward. And I think in that balance, that is actually a really nice place to start.

Damn. That was truly nice.

Driving home, calling one of my best friends to bring her the CNN live on the scene coverage of the moment, I ask her how on the one hand a person, say myself for instance, can be so innocent to the point of bambi (“Gotcha” reference) and then on the other hand so *not* be. I mean on one hand I am little monsieur awkward, on the other hand I know what dp is. So go figure. And a random thought occurs which might be why: Maybe this is how lasting things start. ?

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