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Amazon Vine

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, July 25th, 2008 ~ 12pm

Whoo, I got an invite to the Amazon Vine program today, where they invite selected people (i.e. me) to select some advance reading copies of books, or sometimes movies, for free — and then you must write reviews of them. It seems legit. The current selection of items based on my expressed interests (there was a survey during sign-up) only had one item I’d wanted to review (a movie that is already in my Netflix queue!), but all copies were already taken so I’ll just sign up and wait for new selections rather than choose something I am not sincerely interested in. Watch your emailboxes for the invite, if you’ve reviewed products on Amazon before. Oh, sometimes they ask for the product back after you’ve reviewed it, but I don’t know how often they’d do that — probably only when the value versus the postage cost is exceptional.

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