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Still cheaper than women's, I'm told

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, July 28th, 2008 ~ 7pm

Not many people say “I’d buy underwear!” when they talk about what they’d do if they won a million bucks. But they should. Price: $26:

Clever Underwear Basic Cut Boxer Brief

(I spent the day rolling through underwear, er, rolling through page after page of underwear, on Amazon.com today and other shopping sites, since I had lots of downtime today.)

I believe I have a new favorite underwear now. Partly just ’cause I would like being asked if I am indeed “clever”. But this brand (which is available without artwork too) runs small, so, I am fortunate that I only got 1 to try. Am reordering in a size larger. With some hunting, the price is lower.

I’ve pretty much learned now that boxer-briefs such as this always run a bit small. I have to order a size larger when I get this style in any fashion brand. No, not for the best reason (sadly). Just for the waist and leg girth to be comfortable.

I’ve also learned that although the Clever brand is nice, and has many designs, the leg length may be a bit longer than I’d like (despite the style already being a nice 1960s square cut, it is still a bit long), and there are some other brands I could try.

C-IN2 Lo No Show Army

The C-IN2 brand actually fits nicer (although I do not like the brand name “C-IN2” on the waistband, it sounds like an explosive or an exceptionally lame way of sounding out “see into”).

Immediately after I ordered some C-IN2 “Lo NoSho Army Trunk” from Amazon for cheap, the price doubled – but C-IN2 is much lower quality than Clever so it should cost much less. The other brands went up in price too. Lesson is: these things are over-priced, so just always keep on the lookout for sales.

Update: Ok, some weeks have passed and I’ve figured out my sizes and my decisions about the styles.

  • ***** CLEVER Basic Cut Boxer Brief, I am Medium and they are a nice, smooth brief. Fits perfectly and feels great. They’re also the most expensive. The cheapest place to get them is everythingtrini.com. Watch for sales. Stock up on these, they fit perfectly.
  • *** C-in2 Lo No Show Army, I am Small, and they are more of a thick cotton kind of brief, nice cut, and they are a little small on me (and similarly the Mediums are a little large on me) so I should be cautious about getting more. The grey color one (pictured) is acceptable as less-fashionable underwear for times when I don’t need my best underwear. But aside from checking for occasional sales of the grey one, I will abandon C-in2 since the money would be better spent on Clever.
  • **** 2(x)ist Men’s Soy Trunk, I am small, and they are a nice form-fitting brief, albeit one designed to obscure rather than show off, and the waist is a bit too high for low-cut jeans and the legs a bit long — probably good for winter, when one wants to cover up more. Since the usage is limited to winter, best to stick with Clever unless these go on massive discount, in which case, get 2 or 3 more max. The material also feels fragile. Probably best not to bother with this one.

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