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The Real Stan Romanek video

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, July 28th, 2008 ~ 11pm

The “real” Stan Romanek video has finally leaked. The background music, and the fact that the framing has been pushed in (zoomed in) a bit compared to the actual camera footage, suggests this is lifted from the upcoming History Channel special.

Earlier, there were several “fake” versions of this video made in an effort to show that it is easy to fake videos. And that is an important fact to keep in mind. Personally, I’d like to see the beginning and ending of this clip, since if it is a puppet (enhanced with some cgi) the moving of it to the window, and later away from the window, would be when it would look most puppety.

That said, it gets the adrenaline going a little bit, doesn’t it?

This is not an endorsement. From what I’ve heard, the story is a bit sketchy and convenient — a camera set up to catch a peeping tom? Unlikely cover story, but a story that would be needed if this is a fake. But if this video is real, looks like the poor fella got somethin’ in his eyes or maybe allergies near the end there (with all that eye blinking).

My suspicion going into this is that it is not possible to videotape the kinds of aliens that visit Earthlings, for simple practical reasons, such as, perhaps time is moving at a different pace when they are present, either because that’s what happens naturally when two realities touch, or because a different pace may be useful to the extent that they don’t want to be interrupted. No photos, no video, no physical traces left behind – because even when they’re “here”, maybe they’re not in the “here and now” that we typically expect to be in. Just close enough to meet sometimes.

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