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Moon dust

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, June 5th, 2005 ~ 12pm

Wow/holy crap, I had a very vivid dream last night. Just on the chance it wasn’t metaphorical and might be predictive, here it is: I was trying to water a tree one afternoon but the dried grass nearby kept bursting into flame. I easily put it out with the water I was pouring but still it was odd behavior. I came to realize it wasn’t actually fire, but rather there was some electromagnetic radiation of some kind striking the earth which I was interpreting as fire on the ground. It was day time but as the day was ending I realized that I’d noticed something about the moon which I hadn’t paid much attention to – but which was becoming all the more pronounced as dusk was lowering the sky’s light. By evening children in the neighborhood were pointing upwards and saying “cool!” and “intense!” as they stood in the street looking at the moon. It was evident now in the darker sky that a meteorite had a few hours earlier struck the moon at about the 10pm position (if one regards the face of the moon as one would an old fashioned clock). The impact had then created a sort of plume of moon dust or debris which was now curled across the face of the moon. That is, the plume had sort of rolled or been captured by the moon’s weak gravity so that when one looked at the moon one saw the point of impact at the 10 o’clock position and then saw what looked like a thick piece of yarn draped across the front of the moon from the left to the right. This was much more dramatic an impact than that tiny one a decade ago which was hardly noticed by anyone but astronomers. Turning on CNN, I saw a report taped earlier that day in which 8 commercial airliners (possibly cargo planes) had all fallen in the same part of the country – somewhere in the south east United States I believe, downed, initial reports indicated, by total electronic failure of the aircraft at about the same time of the meteorite striking the moon. CNN was reporting on speculation about an association between the two odd events.

That was about it. It didn’t appear that there would be any other immediate reason to worry, but it was obviously a dramatic visual that would likely cause some civil unrest.

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