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Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, June 8th, 2005 ~ 12am

Anyone here use Friendster? My Dharma Pop buddies who may be reading this probably know about it, right? Part of it involves a profile wherein you identify yourself to others as being “in a relationship,” or “single, depending on what is true for you.

Five seconds after adding this to my profile on Friendster…

“Y’know this Friendster thing can be a bit awkward when one is dating someone – I am going to avoid checking to see if the person I am dating has changed her profile! Egads. Welcome to the future.”

…I did check her profile. How could I freaking resist when it’s just a click away, you know? And I’ve got to say, I slapped my hands together and shouted “whoop!” when I did. As nice as it was, my point of this blog is that this has got to be the weirdest possible way one can find out if one’s siggy other has put themselves back into the “In a Relationship” category that I could imagine. It’s like a direct feed from the person’s brain…

I shouldn’t have clicked. But I couldn’t resist. And I have to admit my heart was in pain the last couple days when her dating status was open. I don’t even mind the concept of a significant other dating now and then, let alone would I have a problem with someone who was NOT a signigicant other dating, it was just the seeing of the status there which filled my eyelids with some tears. Ones that didn’t spill over, but were being refreshed for any little microscopic aquatic life that may have wanted to do some laps.

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