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Air conditioners need to be redesigned

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, June 12th, 2005 ~ 1pm

Some among you may remember a blog in which I took the pillow case industry to task for it’s asinine design of pillow cases. Today I feel I must similarly vent about air conditioners. What kind of air conditioner is sold out everywhere? The low profile kind. Obviously. I mean fucking obviously. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that people want their air conditioner to take up as little of their window area as possible.

Why then are 90% of air conditioners still square? Because the designers of air conditioners are mindless fuckheads. My choice of words may be influenced by my having just been to like four stores searching for a good air conditioner, coming up empty, and returning to a 94 degree hot room. But it still feels true.

Now granted, I figure that the design of air conditioners as boxes is dictated in part by the shape of the interior parts which all the companies buy and use. But another reason is dictated by assembly lines having been machined to produced box-shaped cases sometime back in, oh, the 1940s or so (when home air conditioners started to sell well). Here’s a pic to prove the point. Time to machine new parts for the factories, people. High time. Overtime. Due time. Time to do it. Do it. Fucking do it. Do it or I’ll kill you. Do it you sonofabitch ass fucker dick face suck wad bean farting air conditioner designer-people.

Here’s another suggestion, and this one is iffy but should still be explored: You could also make some air conditions have a low front (that hangs down below the pane) and a low back (that hangs down below the window frame), rather like an upside down letter “U” (when viewed the side). Somewhat difficult to make because houses and apartments may have exterior walls of different thicknesses. Err on the side of wider, and it would work. I bet this would also reduce the amount of noise.

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