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ArtAsylum replies to my BSG questions

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, August 8th, 2008 ~ 3pm

ArtAsylum’s new website includes a blog by the action figure designers and executives. In their first blog entry in which they reply to customer’s questions, they answered a few of my questions about Battlestar Galactica:

Q: Opportunities for headswaps abound on Battlestar Galactica since many characters wear identical uniforms. Semi-regular characters present easy opportunities for headswaps — Chief Tyrol’s wife Cally wears the same orange flightdeck / maintenance jumpsuit that Seelix wore, for example. Any chance some orange jumpsuits may brighten the action figure line? And how far into the wide range of semi-regular characters do you expect to go? Follow-up question: What about the Chief himself — he’s most iconic in the orange jumpsuit yet his earlier figure had him in fatigues.

DSTChuck: Yes head swaps are very possible if the uniform and body types are identical. There are lots of characters and variants we’d love to do but it’s our feeling that the marketplace can only handle so many BSG figures per year so it’s going to take some time to get the ones that most people feel are “must haves “ out there.

Q: Doctor Gaius Baltar is prototypical in a rumpled suit, but he’s also worn lab coats, and, rarely, a well-pressed suit. Beyond his clothing, his mane and facial hair has gone from tame to absolutely wild with regularity. How do you choose the look for such a major character who goes through such drastic changes in appearance?

DSTChuck: We use feedback from fans or the buyers that we sell to and a bit of intuition, but with a character like Baltar as you mention, we’re bound to make people upset no matter which we choose.
DSTMatt: I’m glad you asked this! This is another one of those cases where you’re never going to please everyone. Baltar is a great example because he’s had various “iconic” looks throughout the series. Labcoat, Suit, Robes, “Head Baltar”… there are so many choices.

Q: A quick question about accessories: Any hints for what accessories we might see with future figures? What limitations of scale do you face — would Athena’s baby be possible? Thanks!

DSTChuck: We only plan for that specific wave’s accesoires when we do that wave so I can’t give you any inside info. As for scale, yes the baby would be POSSIBLE.

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