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Castles in the air

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, June 13th, 2005 ~ 5pm

I’m now in the part of a relationship where I wonder each day if I will be dumped (wondering if the preceeding night has afforded time for her to think me over and decide “nah”). I think this is a good thing, as it means I’m into it enough to worry about this. But I’d like for the actual worry to go away.

I think it will, in time. So until that time, there’s still a need for some tokens of affection to reinforce the fact of our feelings for eachother. Today’s blog is about one such token.

My girlfriend lives in what she has dubbed a castle, due to the way it is a single room perched atop the third story of a residential house; the kind of room which must be more of an architectural ornament than a room meant for living in, seeing as how they are exceptionally tiny and difficult to reach (some don’t even have stairs, some just have ladders).

Today I went to a plant and flora place, looking for flowers for her. I knew I wanted, ideally, to get her a rooted flower rather than a cut one, since the cut kind while pretty are really more suited for tables and this room doesn’t have room for much more than a small bed and a pair of shoes. And also, I remembered that outside one window, on a small tar roof, someone who previously occupied the room left a clay pot with dirt.

I strolled into the flower aisle and flipped my sunglasses up and down to catch the colors of the plants more truthfully. One of the first flowers I noticed featured pink cones of color rising up from green. I liked the color…

…and the name sealed it: “Castle Pink”!

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