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Posted in Dream by Will on Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 ~ 2pm

Dream: I was bored, sitting in this auditorium that appeared to be a school gymnasium with seating. There were windows at the top edge of the cinderblock wall to my right, through which the daylight streamed, suggesting that this two-story space was partially underground. There’d be no easy way to fly through the wall to the outside to escape this boredom — too easy to get lost in the dirt, and I’d never tried anything that thick before, besides. However, there was a double door at the front-right corner of the auditorium, just before the stage area. So they must have dug a cut into the ground for easy egress. I’d go out through there. But not without a little showing off first.

I stood up quietly, and moved to the wall on my right. Tried to engage my flying mode. Got it close enough to alter my perspective on gravity and I leapt onto the wall, spiderman style, as if the wall were the floor. I made my way to the open double doors which were now infront of my feet like a small rectangular swimming pool. I did a hop like I was on a diving board, and jumped in, flying out and out of view ass-first as if I was taking a plunge into water.

I could hear applause from the audience recede behind me. Nice.

I also dreamed someone was waking me up around 3am every morning and annoying me with stupid tests that had more to do with finding out what I could do than with teaching me anything. Annoying. And I needed a winter jacket because I was cold.

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