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Red skies at night (uh oh)

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, April 28th, 2012 ~ 4pm

Dreamed the night (?) sky was dark red – it appeared black but everything on the ground was cast in a red hue – because of some sort of solar event that was going to burn our atmosphere. The first sign of trouble, before the public knew, was that stock prices started fluctuating more wildly than ever seen before. Shortly thereafter came the news that the atmosphere was going to be burned, and everyone was warned to stay inside. I saw some dogs running around outside, confused by not knowing if it was day or night, and I wished their owners had brought them inside. I did not know if the truth was that everyone was going to die, or if it would be, as the news told us, that only some particles in the upper atmosphere were going to incinerate.

Dreamed I was visiting a mental asylum

Posted in Dream by Will on Sunday, February 19th, 2012 ~ 4pm

Dreamed I was visiting a mental asylum, perhaps as part of a journalistic endeavor. The patients were using an indoor track for exercise. I waited at the side. As the patients ran by I started to realize that some looked familiar to me – it was as if I was recognizing them, but I knew not from where. Some gave me a look of recognizing me as well – a slighty heavy-framed blonde woman, a guy, a few others all my age. Also, as they were running and I was waiting, I was playing with the space between my hands – I put my hands near each other, and in the space between, softly at first and then brighter, 3 dimensional geometric shapes were being pulled into existence – 3 dimensional images made of light. I was at once fascinated and terribly nervous because I saw the patients recognition of this skill, and I knew that this meant that I was “crazy” too.

The scene shifted and I was asking my mother how I recognized these folks at the asylum. She told me that she’d produced a medical magazine decades ago and that I must have seen their pictures in the magazine as she was working on it. I asked her when this was, and instead of answering, there was silence – as if this had been a lie and there was no more information available to make the lie more believable. It was not true.

Then I was in a dark room, a large room, with an interior balcony. I, and a few other people, were on the main floor. I was trying to build another geometric shape with my hands, but perhaps because it was dark, or perhaps because I was tired or unfocused, I was not getting a small red geometric shape between my palms like I wanted. Instead, a large blue bubble was made, larger than my hands, extended like a bubblegum bubble to a foot in diameter — still very pale and hard to see, but there. Then it popped, and a flash of light burst out of my left hand like the flash from a camera – stunning a person in the balcony. The person in the balcony was Whitley Strieber! I worried for a moment about startling an older man, but he didn’t have a heart attack, and there were a couple other people next to him – his wife I presume, and someone else – so they were able to make light of it and everything was fine.

There were other moments where I had a chance to talk more to the patients – who I keep wanting to call “students” as I type this – but I do not recall much except being near the blonde woman. I felt like I’d known them since my twenties.

I was in a library or bookstore…

Posted in Dream by Will on Friday, January 6th, 2012 ~ 11pm

Cute dream: I was in a library or bookstore, and mythological creatures were browsing! A cute little (4.5 ft) elfin lady almost bumped into me and she rubbed my tummy, smiled, and turned away. Then a sort of demon-lady (6 ft) lured me to go with her (she needed someone to mate with her to spawn a baby demon I assume – she didn’t really care about me). I should dream-shop there more often.

…or a thousand years as a vamp “having the same face”

Posted in Dream by Will on Sunday, December 25th, 2011 ~ 1pm

Dream dialogue with vampire Jessica of True Blood, asking her which she thought was better: a thousand years of reincarnating into different people, or a thousand years as a vamp “having the same face”. She felt vampire was better choice. Then we boinked. Also, then I woke up and unwrapped my prezzies.

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