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Dr Mack has Passed On

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, September 28th, 2004 ~ 10pm

The news is slowly drifting across the net that my employer of five years, a man who I have had the priviledge of knowing for that time, has died.

John Mack was the Harvard professor of psychiatry who said that alien contact seems to be real, and may be compared to what has traditionally been called in most cultures “spiritual” contact in the way that it transforms people’s worldviews and sense of connection to other life, even life that seems to not have a direct physical presence in this world (but nonetheless seems to be part of life).

I’d like to provide a peek at what John Mack was doing only a couple weeks ago, on the 17th in Manchester New Hampshire. It won’t surprise anyone that John was politically on the left side of things, being a heart-centered type of fellow, but perhaps the energy with which he experienced this passion may come as a surprise to some who may have imagined him behind a desk.

He shared this email (originally a letter to his sons) with many of his friends, so I feel “ok” in sharing it here, and maybe making John seem more real to people:

” I had an extraordinary, and really quite wonderful, experience today Saturday. It consisted of showing up at an old transformed textile mill in Manchester, followed by door-to-door training in groups, and then a rally with speeches culminating in a barn-burning appeal by Ellen Malcolm, the national chair of ACT (America Coming Together), several hours of canvassing (it was a good day for that because more were home as a result of the heavy rain) with another fellow, and then returning back to headquarters with our “data.” There were literally hundreds of volunteers there of all ages, with a huge commitment and great energy.

We went to about twenty homes in a very depressed urban neighborhood. There is so much to say about that. I’ll hold it now to this: many people were “undecided,” not because they’ve weighed Bush/Kerry and haven’t made up their minds, but because they are so oppressed that they haven’t had the time or energy to bring to even thinking about an election in this embittered nation (some, a few men included, had little ones on their hips, peaking around them or even greeting us). And these people do care about their children’s future, and health care, education, jobs and war matter to them. But they need to be persuaded that one national leader is preferable to another, and that’s not hard to do with the information that we all have at our fingertips.

When they saw two pleasant mature gentlemen (I was paired with a retired chemist from Sudbury) who cared enough to come from Massachusetts in the pouring rain they listened, and some started to get persuaded. ACT is so meticulously organized (it is working in 19 swing states and is networking with many other grassroots organizations with a similar purpose), especially in its targeting of voters and follow-up (among other things), that they will make sure this experience is repeated until these people get into the voting booths, And they will vote for Kerry for just about all the reasons you and I would. This is, to a large degree, an untapped base, because, it would seem, human door-to-door contact is what it will take, and the campaigns in the past haven’t had the people power to do that. We do now, and the growing ranks of volunteers (many, like me, have never done this before, which, by the way, was a powerful talking point) will be able to take advantage of this potential.

I will go back the next Saturday or Sunday that I can, and you might want to try it one day.


About me

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, September 26th, 2004 ~ 2pm

This is actually a cut & paste of a blog from the 19th inside the private message area of Dharma Pop, but I’m placing it over here so I’ll also have it in my regular blog.

“Lets see some blogs so everyone can hear how things are going.”

Today is Sunday and I took some moments outside to sit and write some handwritten pages of notes for what I want to convey at an upcoming tv interview that is set for next Thursday.

This is my second on-camera interview, related again to my work with Harvard professor John Mack and his study of alien encounters.

I’m again quite nervous, more than for the ABC tv news special — because that was at my apartment so it was quite easy to stay relaxed.

So today I sat in my plastic lawn chair (with my hood up over my head because it is getting downright chilly here in New England), writing out in large handwriting what I want to say.

I am hoping that the handwriting will make me feel more familiar with my own words than I would feel if I were to type it. Plus, the labor of drawing out the shapes of the letters may – I hope – invigorate the memory of what I am trying to say.

In execution I don’t know if I’ll be able to say a single thing I want to. I may get dumb-struck. Or I may be so nervous about my cab-ride over to the hotel where they are video’ing me that I may look like a white sheet (moreso than usual I mean). Or I might sound like I am reading from cue cards.

I think when George Bush spoke to his audience at the GOP convention, he was burning off a lude or some other heavy drug in his belly to keep him grounded. I’m not going to do that (having sworn off the use of all drugs since just after college, as a personal choicee {I still advocate the use of some drugs by people who are growing up, I just don’t do any myself anymore}). But fact is I get scared easily, and I get scared by such things as: taxi rides. Hotels. Namely, the sterility of. Freaks me the fuck out. So I don’t know how I’ll do. I won’t know till I get there.

Also I am really enjoying the blender my friend gave me, and her two recipies that I am using nearly ever day – one for oatmeal and one for a frothy, protein cocoa bannana drink that I am loving — and which has reduced my tummy pouch a bit after only one week (thanks to this tasty drink keeping me away from other snacks).


I am missing my nonexistent girlfriend, moreso intellectually now that I sense winter is coming. I don’t like winter.

I’ve started renting Futurama and am enjoying it now that I see how the 20 minute episodes are meant to be seen in series.

I’m two weeks from having my dental insurance finally being able to pay for half of a major tooth rebuild/cap, which will be the culmination of TWO YEARS OF WAITING for it to be covered. And it is just in time as the tooth is so on the verge of falling apart, I remain worried it may not even hang on untill the appointment which is set for two weeks from now.

The stock market is doing so-so, more on the sucky range. Haven’t made a dime on it for about six months. Which is bad because that is my plan for world domination. And also how I plan to pay for the other half of my tooth.

And I want to buy a widescreen computer monitor for winter so at least my visual cortex will have some fun this winter. I’ve picked out a particular model which I hope will drop in price, but realistically, not likely to be able to get it.

So that’s about me.

Frothy drink

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, September 26th, 2004 ~ 2pm

Here’s the recipie:

In the “supplements” section of your food store, find the large white plastic tub-like containers called:

“Jay Robb’s Egg White Protein”. Be sure you get the Egg White version, since it also comes in other forms such as Wheat Protein and the containers look exactly alike. You’ll want the Jay Robb’s Egg White Protein – and it comes in two flavors, vanilla or chocolate. Doesn’t matter which – try chocolate this time, try vanilla next time.

Next item to buy is in the cooking ingredients section of your food store, it is:

Chatfield’s Premium Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened. This is a red cylindrical tin that looks like a coffee tin. It’s just plain cocoa powder.

Third item to buy:
Some bannanas, small ones are best since you shouldn’t overdose on bannanas.

Fourth item to buy is in the soy milk section (but it isn’t soy):
“Blue Diamond’s ‘Almond Breeze’ smooth and creamy Original” drink. It’s an almond based milk-like drink. Be sure to refridgerate it overnight.


Into blender, put 1-cup of the Almond Breeze.

Put one level scoop of the “Jay Robb’s Egg White Protein” powder — the scoop comes supplied inside the container so that’s easy to do.

Using the same scoop, put in only a half of a scoop of the unsweetened cocoa powder. Maybe a bit less.

Toss in one bannana.

Blend on high to make it really frothy.


If you drink this as a breakfast drink, I swear you will not be hungry until well after noon. I used to snack on power bars every hour because without them I’d get hypo. But this has really extended my reach.

Despite the chocolately taste – tastes just like a chocolate milkshake – this thing doesn’t really have any sugars to speak of side from the sugars that are part of the Almond drink.

Caution not to drink more than two of these per day since body does not want or need that much protein.

Picking one's shirt

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, September 17th, 2004 ~ 10pm

I figured out what to wear to this latest interview (some kind of cheap documentary* for History Channel). My figuring out what to wear may not seem like much to write about, and that’s true, but the challenge was that as a member of the perpetual youth generation (a few grey hairs aside) I don’t really wear ties.

I’d picked a tie up at Goodwill a few months back though, so, starting with that I managed to find a shirt that matched my tie pretty well — a nice low contrast combination of grey tie and light-green shirt. The tie is Lord & Taylor, the shirt Gap. I think they’re both from Goodwill come to think of it.

So now all I have to be concerned with is the temperature, since I am not used to wearing a long sleeve, buttoned up shirt. Looks kind of stifling. But maybe if I wear shorts… As always, the bitch of it is that it gets really hot when they’re using 1000 watt lights.

This may sound crazy, but I am thinking of shaving off my goatee for this interview so I won’t be as easily recognized. But I wonder if my chin is ultra pale from being under-lit all summer…

Ok, this blog entry was pretty pathetic, but it was free, and fact is this night is terribly stuffy and lame. It’s only in the low 80s here but the humidity level is making this evening suck pretty bad. So I’m not really inspired to do more than pick out a shirt.

(*I call it a “cheap” documentary because a look at the production comapany’s website reveals they are the makers of television “filler” like “America’s Funniest Bloopers” and other drivel. Passionate filmmaking is not what this production company conveys… I am only doing this interview to counterpoint one particular person who is also being interviewed. That single purpose was almost not enough of a reason to make me do it…).

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