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Dream of containers

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, February 25th, 2005 ~ 6pm

Piecing together this dream from last night (just for myself, don’t bother reading it). This dream was about a rare box set of Adam Ant CDs. A collectible set. How collectible? Bear in mind this is imaginary and read on: There were only twelve of these sets made. The limited number makes some sense when you consider that each set was three CDs of rare material, wrapped in a t-shirt …and stuffed into the front trunk area of a lime-green Volkswagon Beetle with decorative dark green stripes. My dream revolved around trying to get one of these cars through customs without having to pay the fees that would be expected if this were simply a car and not an elaborate container. So it was being routed through Mexico, or maybe through some obscure part of Europe, I’m not entirely sure, to evade customs. But I know that people were wearing fake hair and such disguises as to try to bypass customs, and ideas about disguising the car including the possibility of submurging it in a tank of water as a disguise. I can’t say any real storyline took place in this dream, but it was looking pretty much like after all was said and done there would probably only be eleven surviving sets of this rare collectible. As for what it meant, maybe it was about how ridiculously expensive and weird rare CDs can be – the misapplication of money for a hobby, perhaps. The inspiration for this dream is likely due to one well-known fan of Adam Ant being named Carty (with a car-logo and car tattoo not unlike a Volkswagon).

Other possibile themes: a car that can’t be driven? something rare that must be hidden? Something rare presented in a stupid container? THAT’S IT. That’s it because last night I was watching a documentary which I’d participated in. And the program turned out to be, largely, a stupid waste of time; I felt bad for everyone who was in it (see my more formal review at this website (click here). As it turned out I wasn’t in the finished program (left on the cutting room floor except for one brief shot of my back during the opening credits), but I saw at least one person I knew in it, trying to share their truth in an embarassingly stupid program. So the common theme between my dream and this real life documentary was: People sharing important, rare material (a la the CDs), but finding it presented within a stupid container (a la the lime green beetle being a totally inappropriate container for the CDs).

1980s bulletin

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, February 20th, 2005 ~ 3am

Nena has armpit hair

This has been a bulletin from the 1980s.

We now return you to your present century.

Denial of service attack of some kind?

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, February 14th, 2005 ~ 2pm

Whoo hoo! My Personal web page is Google image search’s number one result for searches of “avril lavigne butt”!

I am trying to pin down why my unique visitors exploded into the stratosphere in mid-January, and that’s one thing I discovered. Still, it doesn’t seem enough to explain how I went from about 200 visitors each month to in excess of 5,000.

At first I thought there was a problem with my blog software, but I hadn’t updated my blog until a couple weeks after the sudden increase. Nonetheless I’ve disabled comments and the works.

I am currently hard at work trying to plug any leaks on my site, any leeching or hotlinking that may be going on. Somehow, my site is receiving thousands more hits than it should be getting. And I don’t think Avril Lavigne’s butt has anything to do with it.

I’ve renamed some of my directories, to try to stop any hotlinks, but when I checked in this a.m., my bandwidth was still through the stratosphere. By far the majority of visits are under 30 seconds in duration – 90%. So I’d assume that some machine is purposefully, maliciously hitting my site many times each minute.

About 9,000 visits to my Personal page so far this month. There’s nothing much ON my Personal page. Some wallpapers. It doesn’t make sense.

Enterprise Reunited

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, February 13th, 2005 ~ 11pm

Just saw part three of Enterprise’s three-part story arc, and it was indeed the finest of the season, in an already superior season.

So much so that I will make a prediction now.

In three years or so, the Star Trek that returns… will be the one that is leaving now.

It will take a few years for people to buy the box sets and realize what they had. And a few years during which the actors will hopefully have other satisfying work. And then they will be coaxed back – whether for a feature film or a mini series I do not know – but they will be back. The Enterprise crew will reunite. It is going to be just like when the original series went off the year and then was brought back years later.

Except this time instead of Gene Roddenberry it is Manny Coto* that people will want back.

The sets will be rebuilt, and when the film (or whatever it is) is a hit people will shake their heads in astonishment that this Trek was ended prematurely.

*(Coto is the creative person who is making season four of Enterprise so much superior to the first three seasons.)

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