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Salvaggio's Deli on the Mall

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, March 31st, 2006 ~ 11am

On the Pearl Street pedestrian mall there is a kiosk-like deli called Salvaggio’s that is staffed by a laid back assortment of youths and young adults. I like their food, but the cooks have no short term memories — and though I am sympathetic to the reasons why they might not have short term memories, it does bother me that I rarely get what I ask for (and I do tip well, regardless, so it isn’t that).

If I order a ham, egg & cheese sandwich with “no cheese”, I’ll get no cheese unless any of the following happen: Another person places an order; another person says “hello” to them; another person looks at them.

It might also be that other cooks might be trying to “help” the main cook by adding cheese when they notice that there’s a ham & egg grilling up that is lacking it’s layer of cow goop.

Stylin' laptop table

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, March 26th, 2006 ~ 6pm

I turned a $20 hanging file cart into a stylin’ (or at least better than basic) computer cart this weekend. I came across this by chance as I was searching for a small table. All it required for its new use was finding something to cover the top where the files would normally drop in (in my case, I had a spare wire grid panel left over from my “projector trellis”). I’d been using my footstool (or ottoman if you’ve learned fancy talk) as a laptop table but I’d needed that back for it’s intended use.

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Me vs the License Registry

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, March 24th, 2006 ~ 1am

Odd situation again, today, in that part of my moving here requires that I get a new license. Getting a new license requires my old license and my birth certificate, both of which I have. They’d also have accepted my military ID, but I was never in the military. Or a Visa, but like most people I do not have one since I haven’t been out of the country in awhile.

Problem today is that they won’t accept my birth certificate because my birth certificate is the original – the actual certified document issued after my birth. What they require is a certified copy of my birth certificate instead of the real thing. Shades of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, to be sure. Where’s DeNiro when you need him?

Me vs my license plates

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, March 21st, 2006 ~ 5pm

Two of four nylon screws twisted apart as I was attaching my new license plates to my car, so I had to drill out the broken parts (which wasn’t too difficult since the nylon is essentially plastic). For awhile I regretted my decision to use nylon screws. Until I read about someone who had metal screws break off.

Still, I probably need to go get more screws because I had to finish the job by using some other screws I had laying around, the result of which is that each of my license plates has two different screws, and that looks kind of chaotic to me. On the other hand I may decide to leave well enough alone.

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