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Noooo Chloe!

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, June 29th, 2006 ~ 10am

Saw this on Huffpo:

Speculation That Limbaugh Is Dating “24” Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub…

And here’s the best comment:

Quick! We have 24 hours to determine what virus is eating her brain!”

By the Lords of Kobal please let this not be true. The supply of cool slightly dorky women cannot be compromised!

Realistically, I’m sure he just leaned in to kiss her on the cheek but she turned and accidentally got Limbaugh-cooties. They were at a panel discussion on ‘”24″ and America’s Image in Fighting Terrorism’. True to her comedienne form, she reportedly did get off a creepily fortelling comment:
Rush: “How has 24 changed your life?”
Mary-Lynn: “Strangers touch me now.”

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Laptop down

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, June 27th, 2006 ~ 9pm

Og angry. Og pokes stick at computer. Computer lately looses power for no evident reason. (Where did Og learn fancy word “evident”?). Yes, I’m on Windows, I have too much software that runs on Windows to switch to the pretty Mac format. But this week has been the first time Windows XP has acted up on me; it is usually extremely stable — not like the old Windows 98 which crashed essentially every day.

At first I feared it was my choice in a budget brand of laptop that may be to blame. But at the moment I believe that the computer is losing power every time it activates its “automatic updates from Microsoft” feature, which ironically is meant to keep a computer running safe and sound. I’ve just deactivated the automated part of the automatic updates, and for about 45 minutes now the computer has not turned itself off. I’d tried simply disconnecting from the internet, and it would still crash when the automatic updates activated (even without a net connection). So the problem has something to do with the updates program itself.

Alternately, it may be that the computer was overheating. I have a floor fan running air across it right now, full blast. So there’s two possibilities about what may be keeping the computer going right now. And of course it’s only been 45 minutes – it could still turn itself off at inconvenient moments. I’ll see.

Ok, new theory: bad RAM. If I run a memory test, I can reliably cause the computer to shut down. That seems to point to the RAM. Sticks of memory can get fried if one accidentally zaps their computer with static electricity. I don’t recall doing that, but maybe it happened. Easy to solve, if this is all that is wrong.

So now I’ve run some tests on the current two sticks of RAM. The existing RAM is fine, or perhaps both sticks are bad. All I can say for sure is that the computer crashes whether either stick of RAM is in there, or if both are in there together. I’ll buy a new stick of RAM to replace the current two, just in case it might help, but the tests indicate that neither stick is defective. Or both sticks are defective. (Don’t you love the solid answers one can get by testing things?).

I did rule out a few things. It crashes whether or not the printer is plugged in, whether or not the USB hub is plugged in, whether or not the extra fan is plugged in, whether or not the external hard drive is plugged in, whether or not it is connected to the network via the wire, whether or not it is connected to the network via wireless.

So this narrows it down to maybe the processor, maybe something else on the board, maybe something truly random like loose wiring of absolutely anything, and maybe, just maybe, something software related.

Or, again, it could be the heat. I have to read up on what a computer does when it gets hot. Is it the processor itself that stops when it gets hot? I opened up the case around the processor and removed some dust, in case that dust was acting like a downy winter coating of warmth. But there was very little dust so I’d be suprised if removing that dust actually solves anything.

Ah, here’s what people say happens: “when a computer overheats it either reboots randomly or burns up depending on the heat tolerence of the chip”. Nice. And why might this happen? “The thermal paste they used on the cpu dries and crackles over time, which means it isolates the cpu from the heatsink thermically and causes the cpu to overheat.”

I also set the virtual memory to be controlled by the computer rather than set by me. Maybe that will help.

My next plan, after trying a new stick of RAM (arrives in a few days), will be to “hope it goes away.” This sometimes works with computers. My malfunctioning disc burner got better all on its own, so, maybe the same thing will happen here.

Resolution: dedusting the processor’s fan and the foils inside the vent area worked. No crashes since. Or wait, if “dusting” means removing dust, then what does “de-dusting” mean? We should say “de-dusting”. “Dusting” would mean applying dust. Or killing vampires, of course (Buffy).

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Trilogy 24th… post

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, June 25th, 2006 ~ 12am

Stuart Davis at Trilogy, June 24th. There is no particular moment that makes a good show good. A good show involves many observations and experiences. To wit: I’m seated on the floor in front of a row of people who are seated in chairs. Someone seemed to be lightly tapping me on the top-center of my back a few times. It’s not unexpected in a crowded club to lightly bump into people a lot, but just to be careful that I am not in someone’s space I look back and find it is Stuart’s daughter’s feet, accidentally tapping me at the top of my spine because her legs are extended down past her mom’s knees as she sits on her mom’s lap. I got a laugh from that ’cause I didn’t even realize that they were sitting behind me (for a brief time), and the humor was that this was a literal “brush with fame”, albeit one step genetically removed from the actual artist.

I could say more about the show itself but I’ll stick with a few other select observations. Did I already convey that it was really sweet to see his daughter calling him “Daddy”? No? Well that’s because I was worried it would sound creepy. But the fact is, honestly, a parent-child relationship where a child looks to the rock star as “Daddy” — and gets his full-on attention in return — tumbles all pretentions. Not that Stuart has the pretentiousness of a rock star. But if he did, that illusion would have been erased upon seeing a real relationship there between parent and child.

Oh my I’ve forgotten to mention the new music! “Making Parker Posey”, from his new album, sounds great! I am going to play the album for the first time tomorrow, since I’d held back, wanting to hear the songs live first. At first I thought they were starting to play an R.E.M. cover until the chords shifted away from what I thought I was hearing and blasted into the whole new creation that is Parker Posey. All the new songs sounded great. Of the older songs, I wish he’d have played “Flower of a Zero”, though when someone in front of me called out for that one he said he’d already played it, so it didn’t get played. The performance of “Dresden” was the tops. There was a slinky young woman dancing up front, and I mention her not for her lucky genetics but because her shoes made totally appropriate clomp sounds during this beat-driven song. The German in me tried to feel the sadness of that song’s character’s twisted soul. He ended with “Universe Communion,” which I had a feeling he might end with.

Anyway I had to pee so I didn’t stick around after the end. I don’t think there were any post-show encores, as it was about 11:30, after a 9:30-ish start (a bit late due the roof of the venue having rained through during a particularly fierce afternoon hail and rain storm). The roof continued to blow a bit of spittle down in my general direction during the show, but politely did not cave in.

I hope that at Dharmapalooza, there will be many more opportunities to sit and watch Stuart play.


← Update: I listened to the new album, ¿What. Damn, “Parker Posey” is indeed a hit without a station to be a hit on. The title isn’t “Making Parker Posey”, it’s just “Parker Posey”. I’m sure I don’t know what I was thinking of…

Also, best use of the term “fluxing” in an album. Metallurgists rejoice.

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360 vr image of Pearl Street

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, June 23rd, 2006 ~ 5pm

Wow! Imagine if webcams were like this!

(Let it load — it starts moving after awhile).

That’s one end of Pearl Street pedestrian mall. It is much smaller in real life of course; the wide angle lens accentuates distance.

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