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Separate not isolated

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 ~ 7pm

A good relationship may not actually have been possible, reality having rather disproved the possibility. But our hope was real. And that is why I hoped to hear K— was ok, after she accidentally sent me an email the other day (an email of just one character – which I correctly read as an inadvertently-sent mail).

Fortunately she is ok. I hesitated to open her reply to my “are you ok? why did you write?” email until after I’d spent an afternoon with a friend, for fear that reading her reply would be upsetting to me if it were angry at me. In fact it was innocuous. Nice, even. She was not angry as I feared. So I wrote back.

And so now I am caught up on her life, to a small but important extent.

Waiting’ for someone / To give me the okay
To really be in love / Or to go our separate ways

I’m glad that separate ways doesn’t mean isolated ways, not when you get an opportunity to know what another person is up to.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, July 16th, 2006 ~ 9pm

Just saw it Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

A gloomy sequel to a great, heart-lifting adventure film.

Viewed in context as a sequel, I did not like the way they spent the first 20 minutes undoing the friendship between the three main characters that had been established in the first film. But I guess the writers felt they needed to regress Captain Sparrow or else they wouldn’t have been able to make the film about whether he had a moral compass.

This film was all spectacle and no heart.

Even the romance was jettisoned, since Turner and Elizabeth were separated for most of the film.

There was one good speech in the film, when Elizabeth was trying to convince Jack that he’d want to try being good. But the clever exchanges that were rampant in the first film simply weren’t here in this sequel.

Dark, not romantic, and way too long as well.

I liked Superman Returns much better – a film that could be described as all heart and not enough spectacle. Pirates 2 was all spectacle and not enough heart.

(In review, the three films of the summer that I’ve seen, in order of their greatness, would be: Superman Returns or A Scanner Darkly in first or second place, and Pirates in a distant third).

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Proof of an alternate universe is not fit for tv (in this dream)

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, July 15th, 2006 ~ 11am

I dreamed that I went into a parallel universe and grabbed some proof that I’d been in a parallel universe, which I then brought into a third parallel universe. The proof I grabbed (from a version of my own house) was a video tape (I guess they didn’t use discs in that universe) of outtakes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer that Joss Whedon, Alyson Hannigan, and Sarah Michelle Gellar had filmed as a lark in between real scenes for the show — of Aly going down on SMG (who was surprisingly enthusiastic about it, given her often blank demeanor). Ah, ultimate geek proof of something that doesn’t exist in this world. True to her interview on Howard Stern several years ago, SMG was bare down there. And the cinematography by Whedon was nice too. Atmospheric lighting.

So I bring this proof to the next ‘verse (like Sliders, it was a matter of moving on to the next rather than returning to one’s original universe) and as I am playing it back to the next alternate universe equivalents of my closest friends and colleagues, a whole bunch of reporters show up in a swarm outside “my” house, wanting to know what we were watching and if there was truth to the rumor that something from another universe had been brought through. We shut off the tape before they could catch a glimpse of the screen through the window, and the colleagues around me urged me not to say anything to the reporters. I protested quietly to my colleagues that speaking to them about such a sensational artifact could improve interest in science! But they assured me that in this world, everyone was a big fan of science and education already (and indeed, everyone wore suits that looked like school uniforms in this world). So I did not verify the rumor to the reporters, but, before turning away from them, I let fly a small speech about the multiverse in general, concluding with a line that entering other worlds would mean opening “a pandora’s box of possibilities.” (I know, how very Sliders of me).

I like the way that the box in this case involved a, well, a box (in a manner of speaking). Ah, Aly. Ah, Sarah… Ah, Joss. Good show. What marvelous cast & crew parties there must have been in some alternate world that would make such bravely intimate filmed outtakes “ok”.

The method of traveling through world, btw, involved sitting down and then shuffling backwards for about thirty feet, at which point one found onesself floating above a seemingly 2 dimensional version of a world, which would then begin to take on 3-dimensions as one lowered into it. I did this along with two other people, one of whom was a daughter who I do not actually have. And a wife, I think, though I did not get a good look at her, and indeed in a later part of the dream I was dating an Indian (India) woman, so I’m not sure about all that. Another part of the dream, I remember now with disgust, involved a car filling up with enormous bugs.

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Futurama action figures

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, July 15th, 2006 ~ 12am

Good news out of Comic Con:

Toynamia today announced that they have secured the the action figure license for Futurama…Toynami President George Sohn states that “We’ve had our eye on Futurama for a long time now, and with the series’ current surge in popularity thanks to its rotation on Cartoon Network and its outstanding DVD sales, now seemed like the perfect time to bring Fry, Bender, Leela and company to the action-figure shelves.”…Look for several new assortment of 7” figures for 2007 to be announced during next weeks Comic Con…

This is welcomed news, because although Futurama had action figures when the show first came out years ago, by the time the show became popular those figures were long gone.

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