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Winter tires in Boulder?

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, November 30th, 2006 ~ 2am

Anyone know a good place in Boulder to get all-weather or snow tires?

You have 103,000 messages….

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 ~ 11pm

Oh my. I found 103,000 email messages that were never delivered to me. Among the messages are a couple notes from one of my favorite authors. It wasn’t my personal email address, but it was more like a business address that was intended to autoforward to my personal address. The autoforwarding must have gone down a couple years ago (not to mention the spam filter, yikes! Many of the 103,000 messages were spam) — and I never noticed, since mail kept coming in from my other addresses. I’ve sent some late replies with explanations out to the real people who wrote me, so they will not think I was being a tool for not replying. But this is kind of embarrassing nonetheless.

So many names begin with K

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 ~ 2am

I was just thinking about this person from MA yesterday and the day before, and today I found she called and left me a voice mail. I suppose the holidays makes people sentimental for friends from the past. I’ll have to tell her tomorrow that I am still in Boulder, so, no chance for a booty call. I’m no good at inventing names (for blog purposes) and this is the third person whose name begins with the letter K, so I’m just really screwed as far as being able to write clearly. Suffice to say she’s a friend from my former home. I wonder how she is. I plan to call.

Mind you, the other letter Ks in my life I value much too. Each K is different, each brings forth a different sense of my self. One K I believe was potentially a whole different potential future (now passed), so I am in a resulting way somewhat intrigued by her future (now solo), as if observing another reality playing out…which is exactly what it is doing, really. And another K is already living her future pretty well enough. And then this K who called me, I don’t know what is up with her. I mention all that because for some reason I don’t want the K who I know reads this blog to feel my mentioning or being sentimental about another K devalues how I see her K. (Yeah as if I generate jealousy…I’m so deluded).

Economy under Democratic Presidency vs Republican Presidency

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, November 27th, 2006 ~ 4pm

Around election times I frequently tell people that the stock market does better when a Democrat is President. I finally found a source for that data: www.eriposte.com/economy/other/demovsrep.htm

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