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Blade Runner: The Final Cut available on Amazon.com now

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 ~ 8pm

As you may have heard, there are several configurations of Ridley Scott’s acclaimed Blade Runner coming out on dvd in December.

There’s a 4 dvd “Collector’s Edition”
(above) which includes the new “Final Cut” of the film that was completed this year, and the original theatrical version (and the international version, which is essentially the same as the original theatrical version).

Even better, there’s a 5 dvd “Ultimate Collector’s Edition”
(above) with every version of the film including the unfinished “workprint” with an exclusive commentary track. And an origami unicorn and a silly plastic briefcase.

A very basic 2 dvd “Special Edition” (not pictured) is also being issued, but it has only the new “Final Cut” of the film, and little else.

And then in addition to all those, a 5 disc version will be available on BluRay too, with or without the suitcase (I linked that to the version without the suitcase).

This news is everywhere, I don’t know why I am bothering to repeat it here. I guess because I’ve been waiting for this for so many years, it seems like it is appropriate to make sure every last person on earth knows.

Please, no one buy me any of these, because I’ve already preordered.

Laser electrolysis in Boulder

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 ~ 3pm

Anyone know of a laser electrolysis place in Boulder? I’d planned to go to Barris Laser at 13th & Pearl, but I just went in to get a business card and the entire floor of the building is being recarpeted — it stinks of that rubber cement smell that freaks me out. So they’re not an option.

Anyone heard of “Boulder Electrology Laboratory”? 2040 30th St Ste F Boulder, CO 80301? I am suspicious of any place that does not have a website, but, choices are limited.

Update: I went by Barris again today (I work nearby) and the carpet people were gone, and they seem to have stopped at a hallway that is sealed off by a glass door. So as long as they do not return and do the lobby, and as long as that door stays closed, the air is ok.


Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, July 30th, 2007 ~ 9pm

Working through the weekend has had one really pleasant after-effect: Today, tonight rather, feels like a weekend evening. The air is tranquil. Not that air does much beyond being tranquil (at least not the domesticated, indoor air).

Related to tranquility, perpetuating the presence of, I am slowly upgrading my music collection from 128 kbps to 160 kbps because 160 sounds smoother. Because it is a nuisance, I am only re-ripping my favorite albums. And only when I feel like it.

Bought another of the “Live Here Now” instant pressings of a Goldfrapp concert, this one in Nottingham. I chose this one because Nottingham is the forest where Robin Hood lived. There may have been some history since then, but probably nothing important. And Tegan and Sara’s The Con was released today in a CD+DVD configuration that I will check out later…but not now.

I just killed a spider that was so small, it would have only been some cells if it had been human. Just brushed it on the wall. I am clearly not a Buddhist.

Logo work complete

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, July 29th, 2007 ~ 6pm

I finished the logo late last night. Here is my original draft which would have used the font from the Alliance of Serenity:

And here is what they agreed to use. Here’s the final version, approved and added to the launch of the plug-in. I personally avoided the red because to me it looks like HAL or the Terminator, but, they did not associate with those cultural references:

I’m not saying it is brilliant or anything, but it is ok for such a minor product, and I saved the company a thousand bucks by doing it in-house. The tricky bit was that even though the logo will only be seen at about this size on screen, it had to be designed as something about two-feet across, because the logos for the various plug-ins get printed on a banner (for trade shows). So the size was such that my home computer could handle it but my crappy computer at work totally choked on it. Hence the working at home bit.

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