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Hollywood Video by Whole Foods is closing

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, September 29th, 2007 ~ 7pm

Nice! Hollywood Video by the Whole Foods is closing and selling all their DVDs (all of them, right off the shelves) …and I found Salome’s Last Dance for $8, which I am now trying to sell on ebay for $100 — which may sound odd but that is actually less than the $160+ that it usually goes for. It is missing its insert but the disc had never been rented so it was in new condition. Ken Russell (the director) is a trip. I only knew this disc was rare because I own it myself, from years ago when it was not rare. Update: Yay, I sold it! Not quite for $100, but for $80+shipping.

For myself, I picked up David Bowie’s Best of Bowie 2-DVD music video collection. I didn’t really see anything else worth $8. And nothing else worth $100 either.

The store will be closing permanently once its shelves start getting bare; they told the employees 4 to 8 weeks but I think they’ll be locked up within a couple weeks. Looks like Netflix killed another one.

UPDATE: Not just the one in Boulder. Here’s the list of Colorado stores that are closing:
2100 28th St. (Boulder)
8031 Wadsworth Blvd. (Arvada)
3305 S. Broadway (Englewood)
5894 S. Zang St. (Littleton)
4515 John F. Kennedy Parkway (Fort Collins)

Demons afraid of LoJack

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, September 29th, 2007 ~ 12pm

Fun dream last night. The proverbial “gates to hell” were literally gates, and due to a technical malfunction they were unproverbially open. All the demons inside (former humans, now demons) were unsure of whether they could really just slip out into the real world or not. A theory murmured through the crowd, and found consensus. If the gates came back on, theory was, they’d probably suck everyone who had left back in — if they’d sinned while they were out. Sins being like a LoJack signal. Or possibly anyone outside the gates who had sinned would just get incinerated the moment the gates came back online. So the only way for a demon to slip away successfully during this glitch was to leave and not sin. No rape, murder, or pillaging. It would be a challenge for any demon, but, people did want to leave, so a few tried.

I was following a woman demon, rather like Daisy Adair from Dead Like Me, and since she’d arrived in Hell a few decades before automobiles existed she wasn’t too familiar with the modern world. We stole a car — not a sin — and we found a semi-abandoned house to stay in. But she was not aware you had to turn the car off or the gasoline would continue to be burned, so the car wound up being out of gas when the homeowners came back home and kicked us out. We also faced other immediate struggles, such as the need to find jobs. Or at least, I figured I’d need to find a job, as a dishwasher or something. She in contrast could just start a relationship with a guy who already had a job. So I didn’t know if she’d stick around with me. She’d probably move on, but I was in denial about that.

The last third of the dream was not related to the earlier part of the dream. It was instead a throwback to dreams of years ago, when I used to fly around all the time, and in which I could pass through glass without breaking it — which took a little bit of effort, because you had to attune your body in a particular way. Flying down a hallway, approaching a door with glass panels, it was often best to reach out and touch the glass with a hand first to be sure you weren’t about to smack into it. I was pleased to find I’d regained this most fun ability of passing through glass. I frankly love the look that people give me, in dreams, when I go through a door without opening it. I was in some kind of dorm, and I was confused about whether my room was on the second or third floor, thus the flying around. And there was some kind of nurses station or administrative office on one of the floors, and I could hear the voices of other people I knew coming from other rooms, including Julia Weagant (spelling?) who I knew from UCSC.

Oh, also I recall being in a movie theater, because I recall selecting the back row. I don’t remember what movie was going to be shown.

Who are you?

Posted in Dream,Personal by Will on Friday, September 28th, 2007 ~ 11pm

Late evening sleep; off-kilter dream: I awoke in a parallel Earth where I could not tell the difference between strangers and people who knew me. I first found myself in a driveway at night, beside a van, the outside of which was printed with newspaper images, the inside of which produced noises of my daughter — I knew it was my daughter in this dream even though in real life I have none, and in this dream I did not know people — and her boyfriend having sex. She was probably 15 or so. I discretely moved away from their conversation, to the house.

Within my house I found people who I did not know but seemed to be either housemates or people who lived above or below me, or were perhaps people who were visiting. Some found it weird that I was confused, others assumed I was drunk. I made my way out the back porch and down to the lawn, and somehow made it into town where the sun rose and I again was confused. A cab driver picked me up and thought he was driving an intoxicated passenger back home. In the cab it finally occurred to me that I may have been having a stroke or something else that had affected my memory. Arriving back at the part of the city where I seemed to live, now at night again, I tried phoning myself for more information. My answering message revealed I was some kind of actor, and I use the term loosely, who was featured on a Japanese game show (in America) as a character who was routinely humiliated as part of the show. Though I felt a bit too old to be the voice on the machine, it at least provided some background information.

This latest bit of info lent weight to my belief that the reason I did not know the people who knew me was because this was not my world. However the sensation of not knowing people was most peculiar. It was not like seeing strangers who you have no interest in. It was like being at a party where you recognize many people and are curious about where the heck you know them from. There was also the sensation of being in a sort of daze, like a ringing in one’s ears, but without the sound.

Altogether an ugly dream. Except for the daughter bit. Good to see life go on.

Computer-free Wednesdays

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, September 27th, 2007 ~ 12pm

I’m thinking of making my Wednesdays “non internet” Wednesdays. Or perhaps even “non computer” Wednesdays — which would mean not even turning my computer on.

There’s countless justifications for turning on the computer — to play music, that would be the easiest excuse. But I am thinking it would be a neat experiment to see what I would do without a glowing screen.

Would I read a book? Perhaps.

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