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In the new yaren

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 ~ 6pm

My New Year resolution involved changing vitamins. I liked the vitamin I’d been using, but I did not take it regularly because it tasted terrible. So today I selected some that come in capsule form, which I have learned to swallow, and which have no taste. I’ve just taken it and I’ll see how my tummy handles it.

Unfortunately I didn’t find one that was both a vitamin and a men’s prostate health supplement combined, so I had to get two separate items. Each have vitamin B6, so I’ve had to research how much vitamin B6 you can take without harm, and my research suggests that I could probably take both every day and still be ok.

But it may be better for me to:

  • Take the vitamin capsule every day
  • Take the prostate health capsule every other day
  • Take the reservatrol every day
  • Take the EPA every day
  • PS3 game controller is intimidating

    Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 ~ 5pm

    I’d intended awhile back to get the James Bond game for PS3, but, I ended up getting Tomb Raider Underworld because it came down to a choice between looking at Lara Croft’s ass or Daniel Craig’s face, and I know which I’d rather bond with. I haven’t played it yet.

    For a long time I feared the PS3 game controller. In my day (sound of bones creaking) a controller had a joystick and a fire button. Some games on PC were better served with a trackball. But either way, simplicity ruled. In contrast, the PS3 controller has two joysticks operated with the thumbs of both your left and right hands, four buttons in the front managed by your pointer fingers and your ring fingers, and about ten other less-commonly used buttons on the top surface. In short, the PS3 controller is intimidating. But I’ve been using it a bit on a lame, easy game, and it starts to become intuitive after awhile.

    Risky Business cover: "Guido the Killer Pimp-ed Out" Edition

    Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, December 28th, 2008 ~ 2pm

    I recomposited the cover of the Risky Business soundtrack. Why? No reason. I never liked it much — the dark blue border seemed like an afterthought. Incidentally, I almost bought this soundtrack at a San Francisco Tower Records near that pointy insurance building back in 1988 or so. But it was an import and expensive. Plus, the good Tangerine Dream score is only part of the disc.

    The recomposit is faithful to the original but a little better.



    Post-Christmas cont.

    Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, December 27th, 2008 ~ 5pm

    I woke up totally relaxed, despite a dream in which me and my friend Jenn (from MA) had to hide in a between-floors attic-like space from Nazis. American Nazis — there’d been a revolution and intellectuals and sympathizers of freedom had to hide. Hiding was easy but getting water to drink while hiding was the real obstacle.

    I hit the stores again, but not for any big items. Just some small stuff. A remote control. A cute set of tiny angels for a future mini-X-mas tree perhaps (50% off, of course). A calendar of faeries for the kitchen (from B&N, 50% off).

    I looked for but did not find (yet) any suitable Christmas cards — I know, I am late, I am planning to combine my Thank You cards with my seasons greetings. No one ever said I was timely. So perhaps I need to make one more trip out to find some.

    Oh, and I got the Lost game for PS3 even though I have it for PC already, because I want to play it in the living room. And because it was used and on deep sale because, in the words of the cashier, “it sucks”. That’s alright. I like scenery more than game-play, anyway. So if it is pretty to look at, I’ll like it even if the tasks are not good.

    I also rather depressingly bought, for $2.50, about $10 worth of gift boxes at World Market, depressing because it is the kind of thing I’d put gifts for a close personal friend in. I.e., partner. And having none, I bought this with a sigh. But aside from that it was a nice day out. So relaxed. In fact I was concerned about how relaxed I felt, so I ate a granola bar to be sure I’d stay alert.

    All in all, I think I’ve still managed to make this the least spendy Christmas ever. I am really feeling over that. Punctuating the winter solstice with a big purchase is silly. You can make a big purchase any time you want to, and keep Christmas more sentimental.

    About that cute set of tiny angels for a future mini-X-mas tree, I got them because they were tiny enough to be good for a 1′ tall Christmas tree (the kind you set on a table), and because when I see angels I remember how silly it is that people think of them as all friendly, when really in the Bible they mainly destroy cities. So they’re smiley, friendly, but powerful enough to toast your ass if they feel a keen need to do so. And the ones I got were non-religious in that they carried hearts, a reminder of love, for that is what I want to remember Christmas is supposed to be about.

    There’s one angel kneeling in prayer, which I plan to exclude, because A) angels don’t need to pray to communicate with God, they’re on his speed-dial already, and B) I don’t approve of the idea of a subservient posture in anything but bedroom games.

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