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Posted in Dream by Will on Friday, February 29th, 2008 ~ 11am

I had an oddly realistic dream that I lived into my early 600s — though I was pretty forgetful from 300 on. I was a genetic abnormality and was treated as a kind of historical treasure. I lived to see the Capitol building destroyed and rebuilt (oddly, the destroyed one was kept as a memorial and an identical new one built next to it), the black rolling ocean take over some shores, and, I had an emotional moment revisiting a particular city lot, though I do not remember what was important about it — possibly I met my wife there, and she had lived a normal lifespan and I’d nearly forgotten her until some people took me to the spot again. Not sure.

Farther scape

Posted in Dream by Will on Thursday, February 28th, 2008 ~ 10pm

I dreamed I had a wrenching breakup with Aeryn Sun of Farscape. So many hours later now, I do not remember much beyond our screaming at each other and that in this dream we may have been married or something. It was traumatic!

In a different dream, inspired by a recent Wired and BoingBoing story, I dreamed I went into a science museum after hours (it had been left unlocked). The almost entirely glass building (including the floors) had a four-story design of four universal forces in the inner atrium, depicted as colored banners, and each level of the museum had auditoriums in which entire university classes were meant to be working on each of the forces in an effort to find a unified theory. The banners touched and interlocked but the unified theory remained unknown. I left since I was tresspassing, but a professor caught up with me and threatened to sick a bully on me for being there. I tried to mock him by suggesting the school paper would be interested in a professor who employed a bully, but I was nervous and decided to fly away. He was a bit surprised that I could fly, but he kept himself composed and frowning. But mostly he was angry that I was trying to come up with the theory by feel rather than by mathematics.

Discussing Religion with Strangers

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 ~ 4pm

Wow, I just met that rumored-to-exist part of the population known as Jesus freaks. They explained to me — rather patiently, I thought — that Obama has said he will not protect Israel, and that we must protect Israel because if we don’t, Jesus won’t be able to attend his Second Coming. I said I doubted that he’d said that, since the U.S. is an ally of Israel. I didn’t discuss the Second Coming. I have a feeling they were doing the passive-aggressive thing of praying for my lost (in their opinion) soul as they left.

Update: This put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.


Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 ~ 11pm

Spurred by the recent adoption of skype at the office, I signed up and got a webcam on order at Amazon. Just a ten dollar one (after rebate). The Mac users have a little camera built into the edge of their screens, but for me on a PC it is an add-on. Then I’ll probably need a headset/mic.

Update: I’ve got my Skype on. And I think it may work with AIM too.

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