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Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 ~ 9pm

I’ve come out defending nudity, in the context of art — or just in defense of the fact that we’re all naked underneath our clothes — on this blog so many times now that it seems only right that I finally post a pic of myself to demonstrate my beliefs are sincere. That said, I ended up more interested in documenting how I relate to my clothes, how my clothes contribute to who I am. So I’ve made a dissolve image, showing my clothes on, and showing my body underneath. As such this is more a record of what I wear lately than anything. I should revisit this every year.

Clothed to Nude

Good byes

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 ~ 3pm

Well my friend is leaving next week – sniffle – so this week and this weekend will be quite busy, beginning with a thing at her house tomorrow evening, followed this weekend by our working together to finish up one of the websites we are working on. Then she flies out. It feels rushed. Like I’ll wake up next week and be like “where the heck is K?”. 🙁

CD covers not on iTunes IV

Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Monday, April 28th, 2008 ~ 6pm

Continuing my earlier entries, here are more scans of album covers not currently on iTunes.

Actual size of each of these scans is iTunes-friendly 600 x 600 pixels, but each is displayed smaller so as not to cause a problem with the blog margins. Simply right click and save.

Robyn‘s “Rakamonie EP” with the excellent cover of Prince’s Jack U Off. Not a song to get stuck in your head and sing aloud by the way. Unless you’re into that. (And if you are, and are of the female persuasion, call me):

Universal Hall Pass‘s “Subtle Things”. One of my discoveries from the ambient channels. This is a rectangular digipak so I wasn’t sure what exact dimensions to use. It is 600 pixels wide, but shorter. I rebuilt the background color because the digipak’s cardboard surface made an uneven scan:

DJ Flack (aka Tony Hackett) “Dispenser”:

Author Linda Jaivin and Hum, the soundtrack to the book “Rock ‘n’ Roll Babes from Outer Space”. Mind you, you’ll never find this CD on American shores. It comes up for sale very rarely from folks in Australia, Linda Jaivin’s native home. It is basic garage rock with lines of dialogue from the novel (“you look a bit scared, Earth-boy”).

Missing Persons “Live from the Danger Zone!”:

Lunch break headlines

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, April 28th, 2008 ~ 12pm

Lunch break at work, and I see headlines about some Disney singer named Miley Cyrus in trouble over a photo of her nude back (not her butt, her back!) in Vanity Fair.

It took less than 2 minutes to find the facts, buried in an US magazine article, but the facts are not what the media are leading with. The media are leading with Cyrus saying she is ashamed, and suggesting that people feel the portrait is outlandish.

The facts? The facts appear to be the Christian Coalition is angry with Disney, and Disney in turn forced Cyrus to issue a false statement saying she is ashamed, to appease them.

That’s the story. Instead the media are trying to get people to vote on whether the portrait is shameful. As if it were! As if that was the issue. The issue is that Disney doesn’t take risks when it comes to their investments, and they’ll cowtow to religious nutjobs. Disney is the home of fantasy, and the fantasy they are promoting today is that there’s something to be ashamed of when your nude back is in Vanity Fair.

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