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Clea cast! And another dream.

Posted in Dream by Will on Monday, June 30th, 2008 ~ 3pm

Yay, Clea DuVall (see my earlier dream about her) has been cast in a new show being created by the guy who made the new Battlestar Galactica.

And in related news, last night I dreamed the current Starbuck, Kara Thrace, was in the original 1978 Battlestar (where Colonel Tigh was a black man, and where Cylon Raiders looked different, etc). She had on the blue wool uniform with the gold patches and everything. She was taking pot shots at Cylon Raiders through the Viper launch tube (handheld, sans Viper) and laughing.

And then a bonus element: In the briefing room, Uma Thurman appeared and we both leaned in to kiss her gently, the light from the illuminated table softly lighting our three-way kiss.

Ah, good dreams, good dreams. I guess Uma was being like Six.

Today at work I cleaned the Tech Room. Or made a third of a good dent in it. I was ferocious in throwing things away. Well, I put a hell of a lot into storage boxes that I labeled “Destroy: 2009”, since this company second-guesses itself often. Boss is away, so we can clean in ways that we could not ordinarily (since he tells people to “stop” when he is not involved).

Stupid net

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, June 29th, 2008 ~ 9pm

I’ve got to appreciate that the reason why so many message forums have people saying stupid things is because the people who understand the issues are content; i.e. they have no need to speak about them.

CD covers not on iTunes VI

Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Friday, June 27th, 2008 ~ 6pm

Do I feel like I am earning some kind of indie cred every time I buy a CD that doesn’t have a corresponding cover art in iTunes? Perhaps a little bit. Continuing my earlier entries, here are more scans of album covers that do not appear on iTunes when you legally import the store-bought CD.

This week, everything is KaiserCartel. I heard one of their singles on the recent Paste magazine sampler (#44) (and also #42, which I hadn’t listened to yet), and immediately did what I always do:

  • First is obvious: Check the major retailers for the best price on what is, presumably, a new release with wide distribution (easily found everywhere).
  • Second, check CDBaby.com on the chance that earlier, independent albums exist which no one knows about, which maybe aren’t available anywhere else. This step of checking CDBaby.com is exceptionally important. Sure, you can search Wikipedia first, but I find that 9 times out of 10, any artist that is just breaking through now had one or two earlier albums sold via CDBaby.com, so one may as well go direct to CDBaby.com first.
  • I also search ebay since often ebay turns out to be a larger repository of information than even Wikipedia (though of course ebay’s contents change more often than Wikipedia). For some reason, ebay is a more reliable way to find out what an artist has released than even a band’s own website, and of course everything is for sale. Amazon.com used section is sometimes good too.

So….KaiserCartel. I really liked their single on the Paste sampler. Found their new album on Amazon and DeepDiscount.com. Went to CDBaby and found an earlier, self-released CD (actually a CD-R!) which comes in a paper sleeve with a hand-drawn cover (photocopied) and includes 3 crayons so you can color it in yourself! And they still had a few copies of this left. I quickly bought that before other Paste subscribers got around to it. Did some research, learned that the Kaiser half of the band — the vocals — is Courtney Kaiser, and that she had an earlier CD that was easily available for cheap on ebay. Bought. Via a more in-depth search of her name on ebay (searching the entire listing, not just the headline), I found a CD by the oddly named band “Eeqwa” which turned out to be, ta da, an even earlier album by Courtney Kaiser, pressed in Canada. Only 1 on ebay, no sign of it even on CDbaby.

So, I now have the kind of KaiserCartel collection that a fan for years would have.

Hardly any of these covers appeared on iTunes. So I scanned them for myself. Actual size of each of these scans is iTunes-friendly 600 x 600 pixels, but each is displayed smaller so as not to cause a problem with the blog margins. Simply right click and save.

KaiserCartel “Double Standard” (crayons not pictured)

Courtney Kaiser “In the Garden”

Eeqwa “h21” (that’s Courtney Kaiser there on the cover)

State of the Day

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, June 27th, 2008 ~ 3pm

So I don’t know if it is the vitamin I took yesterday (split up in my nifty new pill-breaker from Vitamin Shoppe) or if it is because I got satisfaction from actually having some nice work to do at work the moment I arrived at work a few days ago (as opposed to being frustrated with not much to do until my boss arrives), or if it is because of the banana bread my housemate made that I digested yesterday, but for whatever reason I feel productive and satisfied with work.

I even managed to get a lightbox pop-up thingee installed onto our rather dense website over the past two days. Day one, I thought I was nearly done by 5pm, but finished at home by 10pm (so much easier to work at home!). Then this a.m. my boss and others had some suggestions and they were all valid, I just hadn’t thought of them because I was sleepy. So this afternoon I finished those. Our products now have screenshots! We’ve joined the modern age! I can’t believe we got by without them for so long — I rarely if ever buy software without knowing what it looks like. Not that I buy much.

Also today I got to walk to the bank three times, because checks kept coming in (from FedEx, from postal mail, from my boss). So I got more casual walking in. Not far (two blocks from Pearl Street) but nice to get out so much. If that happened every day I’d be more tone.

Oh, also, the free bands on Pearl Street played Demolition Man early on, which put me in a good mood when I heard it through the windows. I think of Grace Jone’s version when I hear it, not The Police’s.

So that’s been my day.

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