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Lamisil continued

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, January 29th, 2009 ~ 6pm

I took my first Lamisil tablet. So far so good. But it’s only been 14 minutes.

The Dawning…

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 ~ 9pm

Some say that December 2012 is the end of an age and the beginning of another age, a time when reality itself may shift beyond what is familiar to something new. 2012 is also when all the tapes of David Bowie’s recording sessions revert from EMI to Bowie himself, which is when — some say — he will finally open the vaults. Coincidence? Yes.


Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 ~ 1pm

Back in college, more than 10 years ago (possibly much more than 10 years ago — let’s just not count that too accurately) I got toenail fungus on my right toenails. I didn’t get it treated in all these years since because I knew Lamisil, the oral medical one must take to get rid of it, was dangerous to the liver and costly. But I’m going for it this year.

My net research indicates the timing is right. Had I done it prior to June 2007 when the medication’s patent expired, one could only get the name brand version — and that would have meant a terrific cost (in the bad sense of the word). In the United States, the local Safeway has 30 pills for $527.49. And you need 4 months worth. Canadians get a better deal (people in the US pay 5 times as much), but, still bad. Fortunately, its patent expired on June 30, 2007. The generic costs $57.49. So, I can afford it, I believe.

There’s some risk it will make the effects of my SSRI medication more pronounced, and if it does I’ll need to lower my dosage of my SSRI, but, I’m on a pretty low dose already so no worries. I am more worried about the Lamisil’s possible stomach upset effects, but, some people don’t get those symptoms and maybe I’ll be lucky.

I’ll have to take a blood tests every month to check for liver function. I believe that it is the same liver function test that I have to do each year for my SSRI prescription anyway, so if I time it right, I can have the liver test for my SSRI serve as the liver test for the Lamisil.

My doctor says that basically, either you’ll be fine or your liver will be destroyed (which is why he’ll want it tested every month for the four months I am on it). But there’s only a one in a million chance of damage. I took the first blood test today and I was pleased that it was not a “fasting” blood test (where you don’t eat the night before). Just a regular blood sample given.

A lot of work to compensate for picking up a common foot fungi in a college shower. But, if my liver doesn’t get destroyed, I should have normal toenails in …well it takes about a year for them to grow from bottom to top, so, a year.

Update: Apparently I’ll also need to replace my socks over the course of the treatment, and, maybe get rid of my current sneakers. Socks are easy but I like my sneakers.

Lara Flynn Boyle and chocolate

Posted in Dream by Will on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 ~ 12pm

Dream: Lara Flynn Boyle comes up to the candy counter where I am (in this dream) standing/working. She is staring at the chocolate behind me to my right, almost hypnotized by it. I decide to keep her from eating chocolate. “Here,” I say, shifting her position so that she is standing in front of me. “fixate on me instead. There. It’s better for you.” I think about this. “Or better for me, anyway.” She stares into my eyes. Staring. Staring. I look at her eyelashes, so full. She decides to lean in to kiss me. We connect. I have saved Lara Flynn Boyle from eating chocolate.

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