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Off the cutting room floor

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 ~ 11am

Stuart Davis and Will Bueche discuss aliens

I was so satisfied with my interview on “Sex God Rock ‘n’ Roll with Stuart Davis” this past December that I declared it to be my last interview ever. (It actually appears only on the extended version of the episode, not the version that aired on HDNet). Stuart Davis was a great interviewer, and I was natural and comfortable in my answers (despite my neck muscles having locked tight the moment it started), there was a live audience providing instant feedback, and the editing was suberb. It was the best interview I’d ever done, of the 3 or 4 I’ve done, and so it was the perfect note to go out on. It can be seen online with a 2nd-level membership to www.sexgodrocknroll.com (the “God” level that provides the “Extended” versions of the episodes).

…But I’ve just learned that an old interview I did elsewhere, which was originally left on a cutting room floor, has been revived. Back in September 2006, I was one of many people interviewed by Canadian David Cherniak as he drove around the United States in an RV, asking people their opinions.

I hadn’t done an interview in years at that point, and as I wrote at the time, “I didn’t have much passion to speak about any of this, my edge being a bit dull after these past couple of years of not working in this area… also, I was having a bad hair day.”

So just when I thought a perfect interview had been my last note on the subject, I’m afraid that a pretty shoddy interview (on my part) will be adding some discordant notes. I was over-rehearsed and I under-performed for the Cherniak interview (“UFOs: Addendum 1 – Abductions”). I recall it was recorded in stop-start fashion as I called for time-outs. It was not my best. That said, I haven’t yet seen how they managed to edit it, so maybe it’s ok.

But I want to restate, I remain retired from doing interviews. I am checking now on how one can find the Stuart Davis interview and be left with butterflies and pretty daisies in one’s eyes and ears. I know it can be seen if one becomes a 2nd-level member at www.sexgodrocknroll.com (the “God” level with the “Extended” versions of the episodes), and I am checking now to see if the interview appears on the bonus disc of the season set DVDs. UPDATE: It does. I haven’t yet seen it to see if it exactly the same as the “God” level content; they may have trimmed it a bit more, but, it is there in some fashion.

In contrast to the Stuart Davis show, I don’t expect anyone to rush out and buy the Cherniak documentary, as it was not designed for general audiences. But I felt like venting my belief that my performance on the Cherniak documentary was poor.

Five & a Half

Posted in Dream by Will on Sunday, July 26th, 2009 ~ 11am

I dreamed a company that ran a series of shopping-mall-based time travel locations called “Five & a Half” had screwed up the timeline, with 1992 appearing more futuristic than 2009 due to bleed-back of modern technology.

Newspapers, for example, were the shape of a folded paper but with e-ink so that the whole of the contents could be moved across the pages. (Why folded? Party to make it like a newspaper that could be held traditionally, and mostly because the panel to the left was always advertising and the panel to the right was free — and holding the paper served to make the paper like a billboard being displayed by the reader.) Television was 3D. And the company had put its “Five & a Half” stores into malls retroactively. And there were Terminator: Salvation-like robot squids used for security.

No one noticed the differences of course.

Chris Reccardi painting "Spring Showers on Euclid 12"

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, July 19th, 2009 ~ 9pm

OMG! Some fool is selling 2 original Chris Reccardi paintings, including “Spring Showers on Euclid 12”! If I had $1,805 in my wallet I’d snatch that up immediately! It appears to currently be located in the UK. I sent the seller a msg telling him he was crazy to sell it. (He seems to have withdrawn the listing now.)

eBay Seller: thejokerspuppet: Reccardi, Art items on eBay.com