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Underworld 12" figure of Selene

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, October 30th, 2009 ~ 10pm

2009: Sideshow Collectibles says (excerpt from a recent Q&A):

So, how’s that Underworld Selene Premium Format Figure coming along?

Our imaginations and designs are running wild, but it’s not quite yet a reality or something we can formally announce. We hope to have some positive news to report sooner rather than later, and all of the collector and forum support we’ve received for this particular project has been very helpful in our discussions both internally and externally. Keep it coming.

One can already imagine that there’d be “blue eye” and “regular eye” versions, with the blue costing extra… Or maybe it would be different mouth positions (visible fangs or closed mouth). I’d want visible fangs and blue eyes…

I delayed in watching the third Underworld film because honestly the second film was so bad I didn’t have much hope for the third being any good. But it redeemed the trilogy. Like Indiana Jones’ trilogy, I’d put the first film as the best, the third film as the second best, and the second film as a distant last.

The following photo is NOT of Sideshow’s planned 12″ figure! This is just a photo of a model made by a fan:

UPDATE: 2010 July 7: Sideshow answered some fan inquiries, and included were these remarks about Selene:

A: …Underworld is the most likely property that we’d tackle, mostly out of love for Selene, but I’m afraid that we have other pressing project commitments for the moment.

Q:I am a huge fan of the Underworld movie franchise and a Kate Beckinsale fan. Any chance we could see a Selene Premium Format sometime in the future? I think she would look amazing all dressed in the black leather. I think Sideshow could do a lot with the Underworld characters.

A: Selene remains a grail character for Sideshow to tackle. Licensing and other commitments have prevented us from tackling Underworld, but we very much hope to do so, someday.

UPDATE 2011 March 03:

Q: Will we ever see any Underworld items?

A: While our motto is ‘never say never,’ it seems extremely unlikely that Sideshow will be able to tackle Underworld in the near future. The stars just don’t seem to align for that property.

UPDATE 2012 January 9:

Sideshow Toys can get lost – a different company, Hollywood Collectibles Group, has announced they’ll make a Selene statue to coincide with the new Underworld film. Since the price for a high-end 12″ figure and the price for a 12″ statue are very similar, and since the quality of these two companies is nearly identical, the upcoming statue from Hollywood Collectibles Group may be a fine substitute for the never-realized 12″ figure.


Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 ~ 6pm

Trivia about my brain: When I think of the word “de·mure”, I think of Arnold Schwartzenaeger in Total Recall listing his preferences for his dream date.

Richmond Mayo-Smith

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 ~ 6pm

I am offended that someone is offended. I should probably make that my motto (“I am offended that you are offended”).

Sometimes I ask myself if I should stop fighting fire with fire, but I’ve never come up with a reason why I should. If someone has an attitude, I’ll match their attitude. It seems fair. But I don’t know, maybe there is a way to allow someone else to be an asshole without being an asshole back. Any ideas?

Today was a day of mourning for an associate of mine (not related to the death of Mac Tonnies, which I am not really in mourning over since I did not know him personally, though I respected him). She (the person in mourning) was caught in the middle of a metaphorical fire fight between an attorney offended that my boss sought a second opinion, and me, defending my boss’ right to get a second opinion.

Level of asshole-dom on the part of the offended attorney? Unclear. He didn’t call us to complain — which would have been high-asshole-ness. He apparently wanted to call our new attorney and complain — which sounds like a mid-level-offense (since our attorney could always tell him to sod off). I didn’t really know, so I reacted somewhere in the mid to high range, telling her that his feelings were irrelevant, and that I was offended that he would let his feelings get in the way of the process. Neither I nor my boss were about to let someone’s mood affect purely logical actions, which contracts are.

Maybe I didn’t need to say it? Maybe I didn’t need to point it out? But it was only the truth, and is there anything wrong with pointing out the truth? I have tons of “truth” boosting my sense of righteousness, but there’s also a strong awareness that this was a day of mourning for the woman in between, and the last thing I’d have wanted was for her to deal with our static on a day like this.

If I was totally Zen, I could have demurely said, “He sounds quite passionate about his opinion, but today is not a day for such matters to be discussed”, rather than striking back at him for being an asshole.

I know one man who would have been able to respond like that — an elder teacher named Richmond Mayo-Smith. Not the one who passed in 1901. He was a retired educator, who had novel opinions about many things, including the idea that the days where people exchanged their time for money are over (or should be). A delightful mind, and one capable of seeing when someone is inviting him into a mood that he would not want to support in any way. That gift is one I do not yet have.

Mac Tonnies has died

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 ~ 1am

I am stunned – I felt a literal shock wave flit through me as I saw your post.[*] Thank you for telling us. I’ve been reading Posthuman Blues for a long time, and always enjoyed Mac’s selection of photos that he used to illustrate his blog — including fashion photos, or old scifi book covers, etc. I always knew that he’d have a good picture or an insightful comment on his blog, and often both. I’d just referred someone to him who was looking for interesting futurists. I did not know him personally. But from his more candid writings that he did from time to time, I knew that he was lonely. I don’t mean that to imply he passed away voluntarily, but only to honor him not only for his talent, but also for where he felt himself as coming up short (in the relationship department). He’ll be back — somewhere — for his journey was probably incomplete. He deserved more. Only 34! He always looked a bit frail, but that could mean anything from heart problems to greater susceptibility to a flu or pneumonia I suppose. The only good part of this is that I know he probably stayed aware after he died, and appreciated more of the mystery that he dealt with in his incarnated life. I can’t help but think he probably got a smile out of his post-life observations.

[*] I originally wrote this as a reply to a thread on another site.

And just as I finished reading the 84 comments on his last blog entry, and shut off my stereo, I thought I heard the first few notes of Vangelis’ “Bladerunner Blues”. It made me cry. (It seemed like maybe his way of signaling all his mourners that he was out there. Although I hadn’t noticed it until today — the next day — the line “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe . . .” appears in the footer of each page of his blog. I just knew he liked the film because he mentioned it a lot).

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