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David Bowie Survives the Apocalypse

Posted in Dream by Will on Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 ~ 1pm

My dream last night was filled with apocalypse. First there were tiny earthquakes that caused an overpass bridge to become unstable. I knew this was a dream because the bridge was covered in grass despite being at the top of a street. The bridge passed over train tracks. I tried to wave off a van but it barreled ahead and fell down through the unstable bits. I intended to call for help but didn’t think to use my cell phone, so I ducked into a hotel in search of a security office.

I quickly became lost, as the hotel covered several city blocks and inside were wedding parties getting their bridesmaids dressed up. I averted my eyes and tried to find the security office, getting further and further lost, and of course by now my call to the police would likely be redundant since many minutes had now passed. By chance I was wearing a suit, or at least a vest, so I looked like a hotel employee. I was also, however, carrying a hammer, which looked a bit off.

By this time I was many blocks away, inside the hotel, completely lost, and that was when the apocalypse struck. I am not sure what exactly happened, but in our part of the world a tidal wave of water was headed towards land. Everyone who had a straight view through several city blocks could see the height of the ocean and almost sense its speed, though it seemed almost still and quiet at this distance. Soon it would be rushing through those blocks, headed straight for us. Everyone tried to run in the opposite direction, hoping that perhaps the momentum of the water would diminish, but knowing that was a vain hope. Further complicating survival was the fact that we were somehow still indoors, and the water would reach the ceiling and we’d have no air.

We passed a mechanical sort of door — it seemed vaguely related to some fire equipment on the side of the wall. I doubled back and using my hammer I busted its seals with the intent to try to get everyone inside this side-room, to avoid the force of the onrushing water. But it was unclear if anyone could fit inside it — it wasn’t quite a room, more like an equipment cubby. I climbed into a different equipment cubby as the water rushed through. I was momentarily unable to breath, and I clawed for the ceiling. Finally got some air. The wave had passed.

I used my hammer to help break out of the hallway, into an outdoor yard, which was still green. The dream was not a realistic depiction of what a tidal wave would have done to the area.

At some point I was in a room of a house — I believe we had broken in — and was given a jumpsuit with a fur-lined hood, since my clothes had been largely destroyed by the wave. The homeowners had several of these jumpsuits to give out to people who fit. I was appreciative.

I then found myself in a large car with the band R.E.M. The car was long, with an extra row of seats in the mid-section, which they had filled with orange juice concentrate. The orange mush filled the middle of the car. They intended to live off of the concentrate, leaving no waste, an ambition born of renewed ecological consciousness in this time of crisis. Somehow the concentrate remained cold. I was not pleased, because the acidity of the juice would hurt my stomach. But I traveled along with them as they drove into a new city, looking to see what survival had done to reshape the society.

It was night. First we passed billboards, then small outlying buildings, then we were in the city and would soon get off the highway.

As we headed in to the new city — perhaps somewhere in Europe? — I caught a glimpse of a double-billboard on a distant rooftop, which was showing a live television broadcast from somewhere in the world. It was a live concert commemorating survival. And on the screen at that moment, I could just make out David Bowie. He’d survived because he’d been in London at the time, not New York. He had a beard now, and was singing — rare for him since his heart attack forced him to stop performing. But apparently this was event enough to sing a song.

I was overjoyed at his survival. It was the first time since the apocalypse that I’d had feeling. I wept with joy, trembled at my fortune, cried for the tragedy.

We were in some danger, because civilization was sketchy. There was electricity but not much else in terms of rules, certainly no protection. We pulled into an area of half-destroyed brick buildings where others had parked their buses (our car was now a tourbus, double-decker), and nudged one away a bit to slide in, in a more hidden fashion.

The buses magically linked together somehow. We met the neighbors. Loud, uncivil women, dregs. There was one toilet, which was filthy like an outhouse toilet.

I woke up about then.


Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, January 25th, 2010 ~ 11pm

Don’t buy a Samsung NX10 camera just yet. Sony is now rumored to be announcing a new mirrorless camera, with the same APS-C sized sensor, in March. Their announcement appears to be timed to occur just as Samsung’s NX10 camera arrives in stores. Sony’s version won’t actually be released until some time later. Isn’t this fun?

On a personal note, I’ve been sick for the past couple weeks. Not flu, not quite a cold, probably a flu that my flu shot protected me from experiencing the full effects of. Thus, I’ve been tired and such, but nothing really bad. Just tired.

I’ve been staying up too late doing websites, as well. I enjoy working on them all, but they’re all so many at the same time… It isn’t as bad as it sounds. It is just frustrating not having ample time for all of them. I’m pleased with my work on them all, fortunately.

I’ve tried going to sleep earlier, the past couple nights. I mean, earlier than the “too late” that had become my norm. Still too late, all things considered.

Dreams have been fucked up. Attacked by flea-ridden cats in last night’s dream. Had to push them away with a broom. Broke into a room by removing a section of wall. I had to remove the section of wall several times before the dream let me in to the next room. Inside were New Year 2010 decorations, including Xena and Hercules posters with “2010” themes. And flea-ridden cats.

I’ve been re-watching Weeds, from the start. But I am distracted or tired so am not as deeply into them as I was the first time. It feels like I am skimming them.

Singer love

Posted in Dream by Will on Thursday, January 21st, 2010 ~ 11am

Dreamed I was starting a relationship with a very talented quirky singer. She gave me recordings, I flirted with her when we were together and she was about to perform, to distraction. And she was above me like a naked spider, asking me “why are you trying to be open with me?” and I’d answer “Because you want me to.” Of course I worried a bit, was I going to be good for her, or was I being selfish, but she was capable enough to determine an answer to that for herself. She was brunette, which isn’t my usual choice, and wore stockings loose, flapper style, as part of her performance persona… I’m not sure who she was modeled on. I’d gone to sleep thinking of Janis Joplin and Zooey Deschanel, and perhaps Neil Gaiman’s marriage.

Spooky action at a distance

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 ~ 3pm

OMG. As I walked to the office from the post office, I thought to myself about someone I hadn’t seen or heard of in years (since she abandoned her blog). I came around the corner, and whamo, there she was (headed towards me) and we said hi. She’s still with her beau. I told her how amazing that I’d just been thinking o…f her literally before I came around the corner, and she said she’d just materialized there. Clever!

S said:
That was ME

Tim said:

Will said:
Spooky action at a distance! (In this case, about one block!)

Tim said:

(That’s from my Facebook. I am hoping someone makes reference to quantum entanglement next, because I’ve got a comeback ready to go!)

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