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Naropa event, concluded

Posted in Uncategorized by Will on Friday, April 30th, 2010 ~ 9pm

I’m back from the event. It went well, though the room itself went up to – no lie – 78 degrees by the time it was at its end. About 50 people in the audience.

Ooh, also: A guy came to me after and identified himself as a public speaker himself, and said he liked the way I engaged with the audience, or my manner of speaking — something along those lines. I believe he said it felt natural. I am most thankful for hearing that, since as you — uh, whoever you are — know that I don’t have any formal training aside from one horrid class in public speaking in college that I barely squeaked by.

More importantly, a young man (in his early 30s I’d guess) who had served in Iraq told me that my method of learning body-based meditation — so that when an experience began I could immediately be relaxed rather than having my heart race in fear — was exactly the method that he and his fellow troops used in their desert warfare. The ability to not drop immediately into fear was what kept them alive, he said. I had no idea that meditation practices like that were being used to train the body to respond in a better way for their survival, and I was impressed at learning something new.

The room again — 78 degrees. I just showered, and boy I needed to feel refreshed.

The audience was mostly Naropa students in the psychiatry department, or that is my recollection anyway — I am not sure what programs Naropa offers so I may be slightly off; I know there is both a transpersonal psychiatry department and a…um, something-beginning-with-O psychiatry department. Met a few of them in person after, and all were nice. I’d hoped to meet more of them but perhaps I was scary, or they were shy.

I had an option to go to some sort of dinner or something afterwards but I declined, wanting to get clean and get rested. I’ll touch base with some others via Facebook or email later, and I have a question for one of the experiencers on the panel (neither of whom I knew).

Shelley Tanenbaum gave a wonderful presentation at the start, made even better by her not having the right adapter to use her powerpoint slides. The experiencer to my right was akin to my own experiences, and the experiencer to my left was more of an incarnated teacher who was continuing to do teaching now. The other professional, whom I did not know either, gave an overview of the phenomenon, though honestly I think I tuned out a bit during that bit.

Must not music

Posted in Music by Will on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 ~ 11pm

Resisting the night temptation to buy inexpensive music, because I’ve done that too much already in the past month. If I was sure I had enough money, Jade McNelis, The Mieka Canon, and maybe some other artists’ albums would be mine. These are cheap — under $6 with shipping — but I can’t do this every night, can I?

in bloom

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 ~ 1am

I labor with photos, pouring them through Photoshop to get some semblance of art.

Other people simply (though with inspired ideas, to be sure!) pick up a fan, a cat looks to it with attention, and click — classical beauty in full bloom.

I am impressed, I am dazzled, I am…


Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 ~ 4pm

Yay! My gift for _X_ arrived, perfectly in time. Since I hope she’s reading this blog, I’ve taken per-cautions (as they say in someplace) so that some mystery will remain!

And here is a picture of my thumb:

Believe it or not there’s some outstanding outtakes from this photo set but they all give it away, if you’re clever.

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