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In regard to my job search…

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 ~ 5pm

I am hoping to be invited into a situation wherein I can help people effectively communicate. I am talented in copy editing and rewriting, and other aspects of creative communication. I’ve designed websites for authors, lawyers, and psychiatrists, and book covers for a few self-published authors — see my portfolio at www.willbueche.com — but I also enjoy improving the written output of people. As I did when I worked at Dr. Mack’s nonprofit, I have the ability to find the voice of an organization, identify and understand what their output is meant to convey, and then ensure that the meaning is expressed effectively.

I’ve been told that my personality type in the Karen Curry “Human Design” model is that of “Projector”. Although I am not familiar with the reputation of this model, I see some truth in the description:

“Projectors do not carry energy in their own personal energy field, but instead take in the energies of others and manage it.”

In my case, I’d say I take in the perspective and intention of others and I ensure it is expressed through the
designated media.

“Projectors have to wait to be recognized and invited into the major events in life… If an invitation feels good for a Projector and he accepts it, he channels an enormous amount of energy and power into that situation.”

I am willing to look beyond Boulder, CO for the right opportunity. I’ve begun to throw away accumulated materials from my room in the expectation that I will have to move to find work.

I believe the company at which I currently work as an Admin Asst will be going out of business in about 2 months.* So I need to start searching now.

*My boss would want me to mention (in case any existing customers are concerned) that even if the company goes out of business, it does not mean the software product they produce would end — it would simply continue to be produced and maintained by freelance contractors rather than by employees. Many would be the very same people. But there’d be no overhead, and I am overhead — essentially the only office worker.

LOST cont

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 ~ 12pm

Had a good sympatico chat about Lost with a friend of mine on Skype yesterday. Both of us are pleased about the finale.

Over in the lesser series department (because truly, no show in the history of television was as advanced as Lost in plot and concept), the supply of the bonus disc of True Blood Season 2 is in short supply in Boulder. When I arrived at noon, there were 3 BluRays left and no DVDs at all. The teller, unprompted, said they were really flying that morning.

I also went to Best Buy, where uninformed people were buying the bonus-disc-less version. I bought a bottle of True Blood. I dreamed last night I turned it into a candle, but I doubt I will actually do that. It is a good idea for goths though!


Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, May 24th, 2010 ~ 5pm

It’s the journey.

LOST…no spoilers yet!

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, May 24th, 2010 ~ 1pm

Because the panultimate finale of LOST aired last night but I cannot see it until it becomes available online later today, I am cowering in this corner of the web (my blogsite), unable to go anywhere else on the net for fear of having the story spoiled.

All newssites typically spoil LOST the day it airs, sometimes a few hours early if they’ve managed to see the network feed. Wired will spoil it. The New York Times would spoil it (if I visited them). BoingBoing probably spoiled it. Random bloggers cannot be visited either.

Even my radio alarm clock tried to spoil it! When it went off this morning to a talk-radio station, the DJ asked for people to call in with theories about last night’s LOST! So I had to strike the alarm clock down and resort to the beeping sound to wake me up again a few minutes later.

The whole world is conspiring to spoil the ending to the story, and I’ve invested too many years in watching the show to let that happen.

Art Department staffer: “Should we include the dog too?”

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