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Sphincter Song

Posted in Music by Will on Monday, June 28th, 2010 ~ 1pm

Whenever the radio starts playing a song sung by that singer who sounds like he’s taking a shit, I turn it off.

I’m trying to figure out his name via lyrics searches, but it isn’t the lyrics I recall so much as his anguished, sphincter-stressed, gutteral, strangulation-esque vocal style.

He’s truly awful.

UPDATE: FOUND IT! “Nickelback”

Aggreived dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 ~ 10am

Dream: OMG, I dreamed that a library I often flew around (in dreams) banned flying because they were sick of me flying around! I told them I’d file a discrimination lawsuit against them… That’s a messed up dream.

It got worse as I was also responsible for some sort of traffic accident on a bridge in which a truck underneath a bridge burned. There were like three drivers considered responsible for what was in fact an accident, but there were cries for restitution and such.

And somehow I messed up a football team and the coaches were angry with me.

See a theme here? Crap.

More wool

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 ~ 4pm

To be added to my emergency bag:

2 pairs of “Teko Men’s Tekomerino Midweight Hiking Socks, Charcoal color”. I saw these at Montbell in lightweight size, and then ordered midweight online. I like the all-over charcoal color, and the word “Teko” is nice to look at, as far as names-on-socks go.

I swear, I now know too much about clothing materials. I had no idea that the ideal sock material was wool, again for its non-scent-retaining properties, and its cool-in-summer warm-in-winter properties. The only downside of wool is that you really shouldn’t walk around in just your socks because it will wear out quickly if you walk over, say, a rough concrete walkway.

I say I know too much because I now know that all those cotton socks that are sold everywhere, or those cotton/poly socks that are sold everywhere, are crap. We tolerate the fact that they get damp and stinky because we figure we can just take them off and throw them in the wash, and put on an identical pair. And true, we can. But we don’t have to put up with damp and stinky socks. We could have wool.

If only there were enough sheep to make enough for every store shelf in the country. I guess maybe there aren’t…

So, with 2 pairs, I may wear these sometimes instead of just keeping them in my go-bag.

Next, I really want to save up for one pair of merino wool boxer-briefs:

The “Smartwool Men’s NTS Microweight Boxer Brief” is exactly what one would need to wear if one did not know how many days one would be wearing the same undies. I am now knowledgeable enough to also know that “microweight” wool is so thin as to be partly transparent, so therefore the best color for such things is black if you like your privacy. They also are available in green, but I think they’d show off a bit more than I’d want to be showing off.

These are so expensive that a single unit costs as much as 3 parking tickets in Boulder. Two units cost just a bit less than a prostitute (or so I’ve heard). Ten would pay the rent for a small apartment for a month. In short, they’ve overpriced, but they’re the kind of thing that you’d really regret not having after a hot hike and no washing machine available.

The logo for SmartWool is a little figure with a Christian cross for a head. Not sure why. I’ll just pretend it’s a non-religious cross, maybe a plus sign.


Posted in Music by Will on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 ~ 3pm

If anyone needs to make a sound-alike version of “Terror Couple Kill Colonel”, here’s a suggestion: “Samaritan Saves Cyclist”. Just a suggestion. (Saw a headline.)

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