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Alyson Hannigan’s 2001 FHM photo session: Photog. Stephen Danelian vs FHM’s retouching

Posted in Personal,Uncategorized by Will on Thursday, April 11th, 2013 ~ 7pm

As I was organizing my Buffy files (throwing out smaller images that I’d since acquired in higher resolution), I noticed that FHM magazine seriously changed Alyson Hannigan’s body for their print edition back in 2001.

See the real image on the left by photographer Stephen Danelian, and the fraudulent, slimmed-by-Photoshop version from the pages of FHM on the right.

Which do you prefer? Obviously the one on the left that is closer to real is the better image! Why do they do this?

You can click the image for a larger view, to study the differences.

My friends replied on Facebook:

Kiakra: She looks great in both. She’s near perfect without photo-shop so it’s a sad world we live in if that needs touching up.
15 hours ago ·

Leticia: I like the untouched one best. Her real curves and skin tone are lovely. Alyson is beautiful, endearing and a damn fine actress!
10 hours ago ·

Bethany: They do it because women aren’t allowed to have leg muscles. That would make them *strong*! [sarcasm]
10 hours ago ·

K: her real image looks better. the beauty of her legs gets totally lost in the photoshopping as does some of the rest of her body’s muscular definition. you should drop FHM a quick note and let them know they blew it.
8 hours ago ·

I am just grateful the real pics eventually came out. Maybe the photographer leaked them, maybe someone on FHM agreed they look better and published them in a different edition, who knows – but it is awesome that some people have sense like ours!