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Goldfrapp remastering their music videos

Posted in Music by Will on Friday, August 28th, 2020 ~ 9am

Goldfrapp has debuted its second remastered music video, Number 1. And while the effort is appreciated, it suffers from the same problem that their remastered version of Ooh La La has – the image has been “squashed” vertically:

Here is an animated gif showing the differences. The one where Allison appears to be only 4 feet tall is the new version, obviously:

Click on either image for larger view.

If you are having trouble seeing the difference I suggest focusing first on her foot, her gold sandals, and then look up to the top of her head – notice how she shrinks in height. (Some people are less able to detect geometric distortions, because the mind tries to correct the distortion).

Or look at the round light in the background – which becomes an oval in the remaster.

One might argue that Allison looked ever-so-slightly too tall in the original. But they’ve gone too far in the other direction.

A positive thing that can be said about the new remaster is that they restored some image on the sides. Always appreciated. And they are using a technique by which the sides of the image are stretched out to meet the edges of the frame, which is a creative way of trying to get the image into a 16:9 format, though it sometimes causes an unavoidable sort of “fishbowl” effect which fortunately is almost unnoticeable in this particular video.

Update: Here is a fix for the video, if anyone wants to use Handbrake the reshape it. These settings work well: